Experiencing a Breach?

Lenovo Commercial Devices Now Include Free SentinelOne Platform Access

Enterprises are coping with immediate increases in remote working and the challenges of protection beyond the network perimeter.

From now through Wednesday, July 1st, SentinelOne CORE and rapid deployment services are offered free of charge.

For more information on our solution contact your SentinelOne or Lenovo rep.

Our Promise

to Support

We understand your IT Security team is under pressure during these times of uncertainty and change.


To help security IT teams better secure and manage endpoints, we are offering an AI-powered ActiveEDR solution capable of combating attacks to devices whether they are on or off the network – at no additional cost.

  • No limits.  Use as many licenses as you need whether on work-from-home or corporate systems.
  • Secure every device.  Centrally manage and protect every kind of computing device across Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, with no connectivity or network dependency.
  • Deploy in seconds.  SentinelOne experts will remotely help your team deploy and configure our cloud-native technology.

Existing SentinelOne customers should contact their account teams for assistance.

Employees Working From Home?

With more of the world's workforce now working from home than ever before,
learn best practices for securing remote work.

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