Labscon23 Hakan Ftr

LABScon23 Replay | From Vulkan to Ryazan – Investigative Reporting from the Frontlines of Infosec

Covering investigations into Turla, Magna Bear and REvil, this talks offers a fascinating insight into how researchers unmask threat actor identities.

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Meet The Iranian Company Powering Russias Drone War On Ukraine Header

LABScon23 Replay | Meet the Iranian Company Powering Russia’s Drone War on Ukraine

Take a unique look inside Iran's drone and missile program as Adam Rawnsley charts the rise of Mado, a key IRGC drone company.

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Acid Pour Bg

AcidPour | New Embedded Wiper Variant of AcidRain Appears in Ukraine

SentinelLabs has discovered a novel malware variant of AcidRain that could be targeting telecoms networks in Ukraine.

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Doppelganger Russia Aligned Influence Operation Targets Germany 2

Doppelgänger | Russia-Aligned Influence Operation Targets Germany 

Doppelgänger, a sophisticated Russia-aligned operation, targets German public opinion with disinformation ahead of elections.

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I Soons Data Breach The Leak That Revealed Chinas Cyber Operations 5

Unmasking I-Soon | The Leak That Revealed China’s Cyber Operations

The I-Soon leak reveals the maturing nature of China’s cyber espionage and a competitive hacker marketplace driven by government demands.

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Chasing Shadows The Rise Of A Prolific Espionage Actor 1

LABScon Replay | Chasing Shadows | The Rise of a Prolific Espionage Actor

Kris McConkey reveals the rise of a cyber espionage 'superpower,' impacting 35+ countries with sophisticated tools like ShadowPad.

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SNS Sender Active Campaigns Unleash Messaging Spam Through The Cloud 3

SNS Sender | Active Campaigns Unleash Messaging Spam Through the Cloud

Threat actors leverage cloud services to conduct massive smishing campaign through AWS Simple Notification Service.

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Chinas Cyber Revenge Why The PNC Fails To Back Its Claims Of Western Espionage 4

China’s Cyber Revenge | Why the PRC Fails to Back Its Claims of Western Espionage

China's claims of hacks and espionage lack the rigorous technical detail seen in western threat intel. Why the asymmetry, and how does it benefit the PRC?

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A Glimpse Into Future ScarCruft Campaigns Attackers Gather Strategic Intelligence And Target Cybersecurity Professionals 20

ScarCruft | Attackers Gather Strategic Intelligence and Target Cybersecurity Professionals

New ScarCruft activity suggests the adversary is planning to target cybersecurity professionals and businesses.

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Send Lawyers ‘Garchs And Money 5

LABScon Replay | Send Lawyers, ‘Garchs, and Money

From the Mueller report to the Steele Dossier, Liz Wharton explores the world of oligarch-funded lawyers and their attempts to discredit public research.

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