Singularity Cloud Workload Security

Unleash AI-powered runtime threat protection for servers, VMs, and containerized workloads in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and private cloud. With CWPP from SentinelOne, you can detect and stop threats like ransomware, zero-days, and fileless attacks in real time.

More Capability. Less Complexity.

Your hybrid cloud footprint is complex. Cloud workload protection shouldn’t be.

Real-Time Cloud Workload Protection

Gain real-time CWPP in AWS, Azure, GCP, or private cloud, on servers, VMs, containers, or Kubernetes.

Forensic Visibility of Workload Telemetry

Inform investigation and incident response with a data log of OS process-level activity.

Field-Proven, Optimized & Trusted

Rest assured with a solution that’s deployed millions of CWPP agents and is trusted worldwide by leading brands, hyper-scalers, and hybrid cloud orgs.

Hybrid Cloud Workload Protection

Across AWS, Azure, GCP, and your private cloud or data center.

  • Achieve real-time detection and response of runtime threats across servers, VMs, containers, and Kubernetes.
  • Stop threats such as ransomware, zero-day exploits, cryptominers, and fileless attacks.
  • Leverage eBPF agent architecture, for OS process-level visibility with no kernel dependencies, no kernel panics.
  • Get support for 15 Linux distros, 20 years of Windows servers, 3 container runtimes, Kubernetes.
  • Auto-discover unprotected cloud compute instances.

AI-Powered Threat Detection & Response

Machine-speed defense versus runtime threats.

  • Multiple on-agent detection engines work seamlessly together.
  • The Static AI Engine is trained on over half a billion malware samples and inspects file structure for malicious characteristics.
  • The Behavioral AI Engine adds the dimension of time in assessing malicious intent.
  • The Application Control Engine defeats rogue processes not associated with the workload image.
  • The Threat Intelligence Engine identifies known-bad malware.
  • The eBPF agent architecture achieves high security performance with incremental CPU and memory.

Comprehensive Forensic Visibility

OS process-level telemetry for incident response, triage, and threat hunting.

  • Petabyte-scale Singularity Data Lake for efficient search, intuitive threat hunting, and streamlined investigation across every file, process, and network event.
  • Automated Storyline™ attack visualization and mapping to MITRE ATT&CK TTPs.
  • Simplify forensic artifact collection at scale and execute customizable response workflows with RemoteOps.
  • Enrich runtime threat detections with build time context, cloud metadata, and more via Singularity Marketplace integrations.


Greater automation, scalability, and efficiency.

  • No Linux kernel dependency hassles.
  • IaC for DevOps provisioning.
  • Auto-scaling CWPP for self-managed and managed K8s (EKS, AKS, GKE).
  • A single K8s CWPP agent per worker node protects the host OS, all its pods, all its containers.
  • Auto-deploy CWPP agent to cloud compute instances in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.
  • Supports 15 Linux distros, 20 years of Windows servers, and 3 container runtimes (Docker, containerd, cri-o).
  • Integration with Snyk, for closed-loop resolution of runtime threats in workload source code

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Gain real-time CWPP powered by AI and built on the eBPF architecture.

Reduce risk and accelerate multi- and hybrid cloud innovation.

Simplify cloud operations and run at peak efficiency.

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Tried and trusted by the industry’s leading authorities, analysts, and associations.

Record Breaking Attack Evaluation

  • No missed detections. 100% visibility.
  • Most analytic detections two years running.
  • Zero delays. Zero config changes.

96% Would Recommend for CWPP

  • 4.8/5 Rating for endpoint protection platforms and endpoint detection and response platforms.

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  • SentinelOne’s AI-powered CNAPP ranks highly in customer satisfaction, innovation, and performance.