CyberEdge Survey Concludes Significant Revolution Emerging in Endpoint Security Software

endpoint security software
CyberEdge has just concluded their 3rd annual Cyberthreat Defense Report that provides a 360 degree view of organizations’ security threats, response plans, processes, and future investment strategies. This extensive report, which was sponsored by SentinelOne, is the result of surveying over 1,000 security decision makers and practitioners across 10 countries in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Would you believe an astounding 76% of respondents’ networks were breached in 2015? It remains no surprise that malware and spear-phishing continue to cause the greatest amount of headaches. Even more surprising though is the number of individuals who remain pessimistic about their prospects of preventing an attack in the future. 62% of respondents believe a successful attack is likely in 2016! Consider this for a second – Forbes recently reported that worldwide spending on information security reached $75 billion in 2015. Over $11B alone on endpoint security software. Something clearly needs to change as this spending, which is projected to grow at 9.8% year over year, is having very little impact on preventing attacks and improving confidence.

A new focus for the future – 86% of respondents indicated they were evaluating new endpoint protection solutions to augment or replace their existing investments. Are we are on the verge of a major market transition in endpoint security software? Akin to what we’re now experiencing in network security with the move from stateful-based firewalls to next-generation firewalls? Only time will tell, but clearly change is needed as “62%” is inexcusable.You can get the complete 36-page CyberEdge report here.