The Down-Low on Endpoint Protection TCO

Endpoint Protection TCO

In today’s fast-paced IT world, it’s rare to come across a solution or piece of infrastructure whose total cost of ownership can be easily scoped out and calculated without breaking too much of a sweat. Such is largely the case with endpoint protection strategies. After all, we’ve come a long way from the golden era of Antivirus, where all it took was a single solution from one of a tiny handful of vendors, deployed across endpoints which all ran the same operating system.

Today, organizations need to protect a diverse set of endpoint device platforms from a substantially more diverse set of threat vectors whose level of sophistication continues to advance by leaps and bounds. Not surprisingly, there exists a myriad of different approaches to building an endpoint protection strategy, each with distinct TCO implications.

As you investigate different protection strategies for your organization’s endpoints, it’s important to know what cost factors to consider, and how different approaches can either augment or degrade the value of the strategy you build.

Our recently-published whitepaper, ‘Endpoint Protection Strategy: A TCO Perspective’, gives you a look at two distinct endpoint protection strategies: a multi-solution approach, and a single platform approach with SentinelOne EPP. It provides a general framework for critical endpoint protection capabilities and it models solution costs, IT resource costs, and other productivity factors, for a typical enterprise endpoint protection deployment.

Download it now!  You’ll be impressed by the value that the SentinelOne Endpoint Protection platform delivers, and amazed at the simplicity of it all.