SentinelOne Virtual Appliance: Cloud When You Want It, On-premises When You Need It

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the SentinelOne Virtual Appliance for customers who prefer to have their security consoles running in their own data centers.  SentinelOne has been serving the needs of these customers from our early days, but the new appliance cuts down the complexity in setting up the console on-premises.

Earlier, customers would set up the console on the right hardware (or on a VM with enough horsepower).  They had to make sure that all the dependent libraries and toolchain were available on the OS, run the console installer, install the certificate and start the console service.  This involved some pre-install prep and about an hour or two with a SentinelOne support engineer.  This complexity limited our velocity and only the largest and most motivated customers would go through this process.

With the Virtual Appliance, we are now the first (and only) next-generation endpoint solution to offer the same functionality on-premises and in the cloud.  The setup time is similar in both cases – within 15 minutes we will be able to get you to log into the console and start deploying to your systems.

The virtual appliance is designed to run on all popular virtual infrastructure, scale with your deployment, hardened to protect against vulnerabilities and can be updated with the click of a button.  The appliance can be run on VMware, HyperV or even VirtualBox (for evals).  The default configuration can handle up to 1,000 devices and scaling to larger sizes involves adding more vCPUs, memory and disk.  The appliance also comes with monitoring scripts to help you maintain uptime and upgrade scripts for patching and installing server updates.

We welcome all defense contractors, federal agencies, FiServs, foreign governments, lab rats and anyone interested to try out our new Virtual Appliance.

More information on the SentinelOne Virtual appliance, can be found here.