Beware Cyber Security Vendors: Ransomware Cyber Warranty Is Here

SentinelOne Cyber Warranty Stamp

We support transparency. We hate FUD. Security vendors have been doing the “fear” sell for forever now, making bombastic claims and promising to make you virtually bulletproof – but with nothing to show for other than marketing claims.

We believe it is time to stand behind what you sell. We have great technology, and we’re not afraid to back it. Financially.

And apparently some of the top re-insurers in the world agree with us. We’ve created the first ever Ransomware Cyber Warranty – a warranty for our product’s performance. It’ll give you the best protection from ransomware attacks (what is ransomware?) – and if we miss something and you get infected – we’ll pay the ransom. It’s that simple. And it’s how security is supposed to be. If you can block something – why not guarantee it? Would you buy a new shiny car without manufacturer warranty?

How do you build the best product?

You challenge yourself, you challenge your competitors, you challenge the industry. Put your money where your mouth is. Own your claims. The Antivirus industry had no reason to improve its products for a long time. It was a mandatory, check box item, that everyone knew offers very little actual protection.

No more.

Endpoint protection is one of the most critical pieces in any enterprise’s protection strategy. It’s where attackers aim, and if you don’t have the most advanced tools and products to protect from today’s (and tomorrow’s) attacks, you’re a sitting duck. Signatures won’t help you, IOCs will not protect you from targeted attacks, and scanning files with the most advanced scanner out there, is, well, useless if you don’t have a file involved in the attack…

The strength of dynamic behavior analysis

Ransomware is the perfect example for the strength of behavioral analysis. We’ve seen so many different strains of ransomware lately, coming from so many different angles, it’s almost impossible to track. From Word Macros coming thru spearphising emails, to Fileless, in-browser JS ransomware served through exploit kits, to WSF script base malware that utilizes Windows’ inherent scripting engines to encrypt your disk. Ransomware is everywhere. But there’s one thing that doesn’t change. How ransomware behaves. It’s always the same. It almost always follows the same characteristics, across its variants, families and attack vectors. It will persist, and encrypt and if it can, will try to delete your back-ups. Simplistic as it is – it is lethal. But so is Dynamic Behavioral Analysis. Our engine’s ability to identify patterns and code execution behaviors in real time gives us the ability to detect and protect from ransomware in the most robust way possible – by literally tracking the way it behaves and blocking it before it does any damage. We’ve also added inherit protections for file back-ups, so as a safety net – you also get full rollback capabilities.

Next Generation Endpoint Protection?

There are a slew of vendors, old and new, calling themselves “Next Generation Endpoint Protection” or “Next Generation AV”.  As the first company who used that term, defined the pillars for Next Generation Endpoint Security, obtained AV-TEST certification, and still is to date the ONLY Next Generation Endpoint Protection vendor to have undergone certification for both its Windows and Mac platforms, we urge customers to inquire their next gen vendors:

  • Is your platform certified?
  • By whom and for what?
  • Can it truly replace an Antivirus?
  • Does it meet PCI-DSS Compliance regulation requirements?
  • And lastly… will you guarantee your protection?

The warranty’s framework is practically transparent. We’ll share it with any vendor who’s serious enough to adopt it. And any vendor can do it. Got the perfect anti-ransomware tech? Join us. Got 99% detection rates? Guarantee it.


We’ll dive into the details of the cyber warranty in an upcoming webinar on August 10th. Register for it now.

Please check out our Cyber Warranty page to find out more details about our exciting new offer!

Press Release: SentinelOne Establishes $1 Million Cyber Threat Protection Warranty Giving First-Ever Industry Assurance Against Growing Threats