Live from RSA 2018 | Day 1

And we are off!  RSA 2018!

Another RSA begins and the SentinelOne team couldn’t be more excited about it.  We are looking forward to spending time with our existing and potential customers, partners, and industry peers.  

Personally, as an employee of SentinelOne for over 2 years, it’s amazing to see how far we have come as a company.  RSA is a reflection of our hard work and success over this time. We have truly become a staple in not only the endpoint space but also throughout the cybersecurity industry.  I am both proud and humbled by our accomplishments. But believe me, when I tell you, we are just getting started!

Booth #935 is the place to be.  We have non-stop top-notch content and events planned throughout the show.  Including guest speakers from our industry partners, Subject Matter Expert presentations, and not to forget our “Relax & Rollback Bus.”  Our compelling demo experiences include:

  1. Relax & Rollback” – A demonstration of a drive-by-download ransomware attack that just happens to be fileless.  Specifically exhibiting our unique capabilities of Behavioral-AI and Rollback.
  2. “Hack-a-Mac” – A simulation of a live attack on MacOS and our Behavioral-AI detection functionality. Reputation and Static-AI are not enough to stop this type of attack!
  3. “Smashing WebShells” – Not to be confused with one of my favorite bands “The Smashing Pumpkins,” but a live attack simulation against a Linux web services platform.
  4. “Integration & Automation” Think beyond our industry-leading endpoint security solution as being just a product.  This experience showcases how the SentinelOne platform enriches a security ecosystem through our automation, industry partnerships, and integrations.
  5. Subject Matter Expert Presentations – A plethora of interesting and relevant topics ranging from new SentinelOne product functionality to analysis around some the latest attacks.
  6. Partner Presentations – Integration presentations from our Nexus technology alliance partners such as Microsoft, SonicWall, Fortinet, Phantom, SafeBreach, Luminate, and more.

Lastly, we have amazing giveaways – arguably the best of RSA 2018!  Don’t miss out! Much more to see, and this is just the start. Come visit us at booth #935!

SentinelOne – It’s about time…