Get Ready for Complete AV Replacement

They said it couldn’t be done.

When we started SentinelOne people told us we were crazy… Targeting the antivirus vendors? Developing a completely new technology to replace existing antivirus suites? Disrupting a space that hadn’t experienced any significant innovation in 20 years? That definitely sounds crazy.

But we’ve done it and now it’s official. We’ve passed (with almost perfect scores) the Corporate Endpoint Protection tests performed by the one of the most reputable, independent Antivirus testing and certification authorities – AV-TEST. This is the same organization that has been testing antivirus suites for more than a decade.

Not only are we’re certified, but we scored 99% for detection with zero false positives – using our award winning Dynamic Execution Inspection engine, a new technology that will soon render the traditional detection methods a thing of the past, in our first attempt at certification.

What does it all mean? Well, after more than a decade of stagnation – there’s a proven and tested alternative for endpoint protection. An alternative that doesn’t rely on static signatures, blacklisting, and constant updates. An alternative that doesn’t require crippling scans and provides complete visibility of endpoint threats and activities.

It means for the first time, next generation endpoint protection no longer needs to complement antivirus – instead it can be a standalone, outright replacement for it.

It takes world-class talent to achieve what we have. In less than 24 months our team of super-engineers have built a more reliable, effective, robust, high and performance replacement for traditional Antivirus. This accomplishment is even more noteworthy when you consider how many years and how much money Antivirus vendors have invested in developing their platforms.

So now it’s up to you to step forward and join the revolution. We invite you to the future of endpoint security, where malware, exploits, spearphishing, zero days, privilege escalations, malicious operations and intrusions are automatically blocked by a single platform.

It’s time to change the balance of power between attackers and defenders.

It’s time to change the economic equation that makes malware so lucrative to attackers and the cost-to-breach so low, and root the biggest advantage attackers have in polymorphic and evasive malware by using a security product that’s agnostic to it.

It’s time to end the era of the breach.