Deepening threat intelligence: SentinelOne’s Static AI engine now part of VirusTotal

A short while ago, SentinelOne—in the latest release of EPP– brought to market a powerful new signature-less static prevention engine, driven by machine learning (detailed in this recent SentinelOne research blog). Across user endpoints and servers, SentinelOne’s Deep File Inspection (Static AI) engine uncovers and blocks advanced file-based malware, on access. Static AI is a core component of SentinelOne’s unified, multi-layer approach to next-generation endpoint protection, and represents a substantial leap forward in static threat prevention technology.

Today, the SentinelOne team is excited to announce the integration of its Static AI prevention engine with VirusTotal, deepening the threat intelligence available to users, worldwide. This integration enriches the intelligence around today’s file-based threats.

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