Dashboards & Business Intelligence – Feature Spotlight

We are excited to announce that the SentinelOne Singularity platform now has customizable enterprise dashboards and business intelligence reporting available to all customers with the latest Jamaica release. Our new Dashboards and Business Intelligence feature enables security teams to better understand and communicate their enterprise attack surface, live threat landscape, and security posture. The release of this new feature follows listening closely to customer feedback. Now, SentinelOne customers have the ability to show precise, realtime ROI on their SentinelOne investment to all organizational stakeholders – from IT to executives to board members. 

The Need for Reporting

One of the problems CISOs face today is data fatigue. There are so many security and IT tools, many of which are not directly compatible with each other or are difficult to integrate across the security stack. Asking simple questions can take too long to answer. For example, how many endpoints are connected to my network? Are we seeing more attempts to compromise the network over time? Are specific users being targeted more than others? These are the kinds of questions we set out to address with the new Dashboard and Business Intelligence feature.

Without this information, CISOs cannot really conduct data-driven decision making about security gaps or places to improve. You already know that your networks are only as strong as your weakest link, and proper reporting will provide you with the right data to be successful.

How We’ve Evolved – From Insights to Intelligence

The existing SentinelOne console offers trends and other insights that are valued by most of our customers. However, as SentinelOne’s global deployment grew quickly, we learned about further use cases that more reporting options could solve, and the team stepped up to deliver these and more with this innovative new feature.

In developing this new, easy-to-use capability, it was crucial to us to keep in mind that different businesses have different reporting needs. This is why we decided to build a flexible solution that you can adjust for your particular business use case.

Overall, we offer over 50 dashboard widgets that highlight several aspects of SentinelOne Singularity’s XDR capabilities including security, visibility, trends, Network & IoT Devices Vulnerabilities and Applications. Let’s take a closer look.

Customizable Dashboards

New customizable dashboards allow users to easily build their own dashboards from the browser. Setting up a dashboard is easy to do in just a few seconds. Select from a set of widgets, size and place, and then add more if you wish. Data refresh windows are completely customizable to suit user preferences.

Deleting widgets, moving widgets, and adding new ones is just as simple as moving windows around on your desktop. The best part is that when you are viewing your dashboard and find something that needs attention, with one click you are able to interact with the live data in SentinelOne.

Pick from the 50-plus dashboard widgets available those that you need from the following categories, which highlight the depth and breadth of SentinelOne Singularity’s XDR capabilities:

  • Threats, Suspicions, and Alerts
  • Enterprise & Cloud Endpoints
  • Network & IoT Devices
  • Vulnerabilities & Applications

Business Intelligence Integrations

At the same time, users need to control what they see every day to be more effective, and the modern enterprise is consolidating security insights in business intelligence platforms to share with all stakeholders including the executives and the board of directors.  This is why we partnered with Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI to produce no-code required integrations for each of the leading enterprise business intelligence platforms.

Security teams can now visualize and communicate their enterprise attack surface, live threat landscape, and security posture visually to stakeholders without needing to write code to interact with APIs or model data in Excel, Splunk, PowerBI, and Tableau.

Set Your Data Free: Break the Silos

Effective security teams need to understand not only every security event but also trends in their environment to be able to proactively address issues and communicate the bigger picture for stakeholder alignment. We’ve added customizable dashboards and business intelligence to our existing Insight Reporting to allow you to define where and how to consume your Insights – on your terms. 

Customizable dashboards, insight reporting, and business intelligence integrations are available in the latest release (Jamaica) of the SentinelOne Singularity platform.

Interested in a cybersecurity platform that not only does more, but also helps you see it? Contact us for a free demo of SentinelOne today!