5 Time-saving Tips for Managing Your Endpoints

As a SecOps professional, you likely spend a good chunk of the day managing your endpoint assets and ensuring they are secured. We understand the challenge. Managing endpoint security can be a time-consuming process. So we’re here to help!
In this post, I’ll be sharing some ways you can save time while managing your endpoints using SentinelOne.

1. Prevent Cyber Threats

There are numerous endpoint solutions on the market; many rely on cloud connectivity, some are based on reputation or similarities. For SentinelOne, all of the intelligence of our AI models is baked into a low footprint agent that automatically quarantines and mitigates malicious activity on the endpoint. The result? Users can continue working securely and uninterrupted, even if malware tries to compromise their devices.

2. Rollback and Remediate Threats

“1st layer” or pre-execution technologies might miss malware and ransomware, like file-less attempts. What then? Legacy and most-nextgen products cannot answer this question. Sadly, you won’t know until your users report problems, and you will need to quickly come up with a recovery plan to remediate. With SentinelOne, you are always just one click away from rolling back the impact, saving time by allowing users to complete their tasks without interruption.

3. Simplified management experience

In the early days of endpoint protection, many products implemented the concept of zones. The idea behind zones is to allow SecOps to configure different policies based on location. In the case of malware and ransomware, this is simpler – they are not wanted regardless of your location. By deploying the SentinelOne agent across your endpoint assets, you don’t need to worry about additional complexity based on your workforce location.

4. Visibility on all assets

Once SentinelOne is deployed across your assets, each agent automatically reports on all installed applications – for Windows, MacOS, and Linux endpoints. Unlike other products, this functionality is not dependent on ever running the actual application. From the SentinelOne console, you can schedule a risk and vulnerability report that will be emailed to recipients of your choice with executive-level insights. The report gives access to a complete list of agents and their relevant CVEs, so you can implement a real-time patch management program.

5. Automation and Orchestration

Cybercriminals are embracing automated attacks like never before. This gives them the ability to process more data in less time, jumping from database to database or network to network with relative ease. If enterprises try to eliminate threats using manual processes or ad hoc hunts, they are at a severe disadvantage. SentinelOne products were built with an API-first approach, so anything our technology does in isolation can also be orchestrated and integrated, creating unified and proactive workflows with your other security tools.


Over to You: Does Your Endpoint Protection Platform Help You SAVE Time?

There are many more than these five ways that SentinelOne saves you time, but for this post, we’ve selected a few helpful tips. Time equals money; we have customers from all industries and sizes who are experiencing for themselves the power of our single EPP/EDR agent, and its many benefits beyond endpoint protection. We were also recognized by NSS Labs as one of the leading ROI products.

Ready for a test drive? A stronger security posture can be easy to implement and manage. Let us show you today.