Welcome to LogRunners

For several months we’ve been hard at work on the building blocks of what I’m excited to unveil today, our new community, LogRunners. Our goal is to offer a place for folks to exchange ideas, questions and code. It’s open to anyone who is trying to connect with other DevOps, CloudOps, SREs, developers and architects who are dealing with similar experiences and challenges in the observability space.

So, welcome to LogRunners. We are inviting you to come join our community and get involved. Ask questions, provide answers, build your reputation as an expert, or simply learn from the discussion. Some of our topics include discussions on Kubernetes, distributed tracing and logging of all kinds. The goal is to share information in a community of peers, with the common goal best expressed by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

LogRunners Objectives:

We plan for the community to be open to all, and to offer transparency in its actions. In fact, that is one of our founding objectives. As we gain members, we do expect to see objects change over time to meet the changing needs of the community itself.

  1. Build a community of shared information and support.
  2. Raise the awareness of observability.
  3. Identify trends in all observability arenas.
  4. Create a collection of code and examples, talks and videos.
  5. Maintain openness and transparency.


Our vision and mission are straightforward. In the ever-more-complex world of building apps, we need to understand how to use the tools at our disposal as well as discover new tools (and new uses for tools) to take on large-scale, high cardinality distributed environments.

  • Vision: To be a leading source of community engagement on the use and impact of observability.
  • Mission: Reduce the mean time to resolve WTF.
    (or more politely, Reduce the mean time to determine root cause.)

So why are we called LogRunners? To answer that, let me introduce you to our mascot, the Tech LogRunner.

The Tech LogRunner (UnOrthonyx scalyrii) is a species of tech-bird that is endemic to Public and Private Clouds and data centers where it uses unique techniques and adaptations to search for its WTF prey in the logs, traces and events of large-scale, high cardinality distributed environments everywhere.

Our community should be useful to almost anyone who touches code but will have a focus on both the development and operations sides. If you are a DevOps, an SRE, in Cloud Ops, in development and/or helping design your move to the cloud, containers or microservices, LogRunners will have information you will find useful.

So we invite you to join your comrades and peers in the forums. We’ll be watching for you.