The World Has Changed. Have You? Capturing Today Through the Lens of Cybersecurity

It was March 2020. From kitchen tables to televisions to emergency rooms, COVID engulfed the world. Our physical and digital lives fundamentally changed within a matter of days. “Shelter in place” became and continues to be everyday life with many bound to remote work. Our work computers now reside outside offices, operating without the millions of dollars and years of time invested in procuring and maintaining traditional enterprise infrastructure.

As the months carried on and we had the opportunity to assist more than 4,000 customers with secure workforce transformation, it was a perfect time to capture the cybersecurity zeitgeist through our eyes. Today we tell the story of the changing enterprise – and the experiences of the women and men that make up the enterprise of today – through an iconoclastic campaign that poses the question every cybersecurity professional must ask: our business has changed – has our cybersecurity changed, too?

Today we release a timely brand campaign about the need for cybersecurity technology built for today and tomorrow.

For the world’s enterprises, this shift became a cybersecurity imperative: securing the remote workforce quickly – with technology designed for remote and perimeterless – became a top priority. Now became the time to leave legacy technologies like signature antivirus and first-generation EDR behind. Today’s operating environment requires technology purpose built for the new world. Through embedding living AI on each device to prevent and proactively respond in real time, coupled with cloud scale, SentinelOne is uniquely positioned to help enterprises securely thrive in times of remote work and beyond. And be stronger than ever.

Cybersecurity Built for the New World

You work from home. Your chairs have changed. Your wardrobe has changed. Your cybersecurity should, too. SentinelOne’s Singularity platform was built for this new world. From endpoint device to IoT device to server and cloud workload, our platform was built from the ground up by us for enterprise scale in a world where physical location is irrelevant and people are optional. As we show in our campaign video, today’s offices are living rooms and forests. The enterprise of today needs a technology-first platform that doesn’t require services or people to proactively secure every device. SentinelOne is THE cybersecurity built for the new world. Here’s why. Each of the below concepts tells the story of how SentinelOne is uniquely built for the new world.

ActiveEDR. Every Threat.

SentinelOne’s patented behavioral AI maps all device activity into fully contextualized and connected storylines. Storylines enable our software to independently prevent and respond to malicious and suspicious activity in real time – delivering the industry’s only ActiveEDR. While other technologies require humans to hunt and peck to connect alerts and build their own stories, our technology does it for the analyst. SentinelOne is the only endpoint solution that automatically prevents and remediates threats – on device – in real time. ActiveEDR is a groundbreaking technology that fundamentally changes SOC productivity by enabling people to do more. It’s no wonder that this technology is deployed in some of the world’s largest enterprises, from global telecommunications leaders to investment banks to airlines to technology companies. ActiveEDR defeats the threat at the source … hours and days before a breach needs to be stopped by humans or services.

Dynamic IoT Security. Every Device.

The enterprise of today isn’t just Windows and Mac endpoint devices or Linux servers. Whether at home or in the office, CISOs need to know how many devices are in the enterprise, where are these devices, and most importantly what are they? Gaining attack surface visibility and control is uniquely offered by SentinelOne’s Ranger solution without having to deploy any new software or hardware. Whether an endpoint device, container, or even a printer, SentinelOne’s Singularity platform is the only endpoint security platform that goes beyond the endpoint for full network visibility and control.

Online and Offline Protection. Every Second.

Today’s cyberattacks don’t need an internet connection to act, yet all other cybersecurity products on the market require a connection to function. Adversaries have the benefit in the construct of existing next-gen and legacy antivirus. With SentinelOne, our patented prevention, detection, and response – even automatic remediation – doesn’t require connectivity to function. We believe and prove that if your security doesn’t work offline, it really doesn’t work at all. The enterprise of today and tomorrow needs protection at every second, regardless of network connectivity.

The world of today is confusing. The thought of the unknown (How long will it take before there’s a cure? When will we go back to normal life? Will we travel like we used to?) weighs on the individual and society as a whole. In the midst of all of this, protecting the digital identity and data of the enterprise and its people are critical. Our New World campaign states the undeniable fact of the day – “the world has changed” – and asks the key question, “are you ready?”

2020 has proven to be a year of accelerated change, especially in cybersecurity. Each week, we see new enterprises in the news for breaches. Standing still in this environment is actually moving backwards. The tactics now are no longer just about encrypting devices; today it’s about leaking enterprise data and extortion to deconstruct enterprise value and compromise customer data. It’s no longer enough – or possible – to keep putting more people behind the problem, as the time needed to respond to a threat is costly and precious. The breaches we read about on the news prove time and time again that legacy and subpar technologies can’t cope with modern adversaries. The time is now for new measures, techniques, and solutions to combat the threat landscape of today.

Cybersecurity for the remote workforce
Every threat. Every device. Every second.

On a personal note, I’m proud of SentinelOne’s 600+ (and quickly growing) team members around the world who work 24/7/365 to support our existing customers, keeping them safe, all while onboarding new businesses and enterprises across each and every sector. From financial institutions to healthcare, government to university, manufacturing to design, transportation to elections across the world, we remain focused on our mission of helping pioneer autonomous cybersecurity to give enterprises the advantage over tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy watching our story across a wide variety of digital mediums. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or somewhere in between, SentinelOne is the cybersecurity solution for your new world. Join our story and transform your cybersecurity for the new world of today and the better world of tomorrow.

Wishing you and your loved ones continued health and safety,


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