The Summer of #SmoothScalin

Welcome to the summer of #SmoothScalin.

Hi, I’m Brett, a rising junior in college, I’ve taken surprisingly few classes that really take a deep dive into my majors, Information Systems, and Marketing. With graduation on the horizon, this used to concern me because I felt unprepared to enter the working world as graduation looms on the horizon. However, this summer I was fortunate enough to land a marketing operations internship at Scalyr. I’ve gained experience, confidence, a network, and a few really cool t-shirts.

After being at Scalyr for six weeks, I can confidently say I’ve learned more about marketing and what it’s like to work at a fast-paced startup than I have in two years of undergrad business classes. While I may be an intern, I’ve had a chance to work in depth on many projects ranging from designing and building landing pages to creative brainstorming for projects and engagements. One of the projects I’ve been working on is #SmoothScalin and I’m pleased to share it with you now.

What is #SmoothScalin?

#SmoothScalin is a program benefiting engineers and DevOps teams at startups. Early days for a startup can be like rough waters (believe us, we know!), especially as your team grows and – especially if you’re delivering software -as you start really ramping development. So, to help you meet the challenges that that growth can bring, we want to give you access to Scalyr. We use Scalyr to monitor our own system, which helps a ton because we’re moving super fast (don’t worry, we have a backup to help us avoid recursive errors). But enough about that; let me get to the offer!

In short, we’re offering one free year (from now until October 31, 2019) of Scalyr’s blazing-fast log management platform to startups that have received their A or B series funding within the last year.

Why should you sign up for #SmoothScalin?

Plain and simple: You get a log management platform that will help your entire team aggregate, monitor, manage, and search all of your log files. We promise you will be blown away by our speed, simplicity, and shareability. And when you’re on the front line of software delivery, that means something. Our ability to search 1.5 TBs of logs per second will totally reduce the amount of time you spend troubleshooting and debugging time. What that means to you is the same query that takes you 15 minutes in your traditional log management tool will take you less than one second in Scalyr. Besides being wicked fast, we’re also simple to use. How many hours have you spent futzing around with the query language in those traditional tools (or waiting in line for the PhD guru gatekeeper who knows how to do it – ugh!). Finally, Scalyr is shareable. We don’t mean we have a share button (okay, we do have a share button), but that the whole team can use it. Traditional tools either charge by the user, slow way down, or the company will throttle your usage. We don’t. The whole darn team can pound the crap out of Scalyr and you’ll be fine. We’re architected for this sort of thing.

What does your free year look like?

You’ll receive all the features of the Scalyr platform, along with the ability to add as many users as you want. We will also offer support and setup assistance for those who would like it. Also, you can upload up to 5GB/day of log volume on a 15-day retention. (Note that anything over the 5GB/day amount will be charged at our per GB list price of $40 per month, so it’ll still be a steal for you if you’re lucky (and good!) enough to grow fast and generate a ton of data!)

Pretty straightforward, right?

So what do you need to do?

Start by checking out the details on #SmoothScalin.
Then submit your application and we’ll take it from there.

And if you want to know more about Scalyr, check out the information on our homepage.

Not a startup who’s raised an A or B round, but still dogged by slow, complex, or non-shareable log management? Check us out anyway because we’re still a great deal. Check out our customer love on G2 Crowd, or if you’re more of a starched-shirt type, >read why Gartner named us a Cool Vendor.

And may your summer (and the entire year) be #SmoothScalin.