Speed To Truth

Why Cartoons?!?!

Decision making and problem solving are about speed to truth.  The faster you can identify the source of a problem, the sooner you can move forward and get on to the next challenge or opportunity.

The world is noisy and we’re all busy.  We rely on information that’s fast and easy to access. Breaking through the noise is hard. Really hard. But nearly everyone appreciates a light hearted moment to break up the day. Humor helps alleviate even the most frustrating situations.

Cartoons are the epitome of speed to truth…a fast – and fun – way to capture a thought or share perspective. Cartoons are one of the most powerful forms of communication…and one of the most timeless.

Our Speed To Truth cartoons are designed for SREs, dev/cloudops, architects and engineers; for the heroes of our modern economy. These are the people who develop and operate the applications that change the world every day,  who put the world at our fingertips and provide instant gratification.

Humor is a unique and fickle beast, and there are two golden rules:  Humor needs a target….ie: something to make fun of.  And the content has to generally be true.

So now that you know why cartoons, what are these cartoons all about and what (or who) will we poke fun at?

Pretty much everyone.

We will make fun of the crazy environment in which developers work (us too!), of our competitors, and of ourselves – after all, we are small and unknown.  Our cartoons are all about the truths of our world. They are about the pain of slow queries and the tech debt of expensive systems built for yesterday’s data and infrastructure.  They are about the complex tools that require learning arcane languages. They are about high cost, low value, and maddening lock-ins. They are about the impossible situations that we all face and resolve with grit and tenacity.

Each week, we’ll be poking fun at the slightly insane world in which we live and work.  When we mention our competition, it’s not intended to be negative. Truly. But as we said, humor has two rules…it needs to have a target and it needs to be true. Our primary goal in naming a competitor isn’t to highlight what they do wrong – it’s to highlight a pain that’s widely recognized and shared. Besides, they are very big and successful, they can take a bit of fun poked at them.

The point of all our cartoons is to make sure that Scalyr is top of mind the next time you decide to evaluate log management platforms.  We know we need to be the best in the market to win your business. We just want a shot at it.

At Scalyr, we’re all about Speed to Truth.  It’s our purpose. It’s our why.  It’s the reason behind everything we do.

We hope these Speed to Truth cartoons bring a smile or a chuckle to lighten your day, and that when you like one you’ll share it with your friends and colleagues. The cartoons will never be mean-spirited, and that’s a promise.  We hope you appreciate the humor, the light-hearted spirit, and the strategy behind the series. We’re open to your ideas, input and feedback. That’s what makes social media so powerful. We can all engage in a conversation, learn from, and help each other.

Here’s to making the world a happier place, and improving speed to truth for all of us.