S Ventures Invests in Noetic Cyber for Complete Visibility and Control of Your Security Posture 

The complexity of enterprise infrastructure continues to evolve as digital transformation and hybrid work introduces new types of assets and data across cloud and ephemeral resources, traditional on-premises infrastructure, and IoT. This growing technology sprawl increases the attack surface security teams need to manage, while making it more challenging to achieve the visibility to do so.

Making it achievable for organizations to manage and reduce the growing attack surface is at the heart of our mission at SentinelOne; through Singularity XDR, we created an open architecture to unify detection and response across the enterprise through a single data ingestion and analytics platform.

That is why S Ventures is excited about our investment in Noetic Cyber, a leading Continuous Cyber Asset Management & Controls Platform and the latest addition to our growing portfolio of security and data innovators. Led by a strong team of operators and repeat entrepreneurs, Noetic shares our philosophy of solving for visibility and the growing attack surface. Noetic empowers security teams with a proactive, continuous assessment and improvement of their cyber posture.

Noetic Cyber CEO & Co-founder Paul Ayers has previously said of the S Ventures investment:

“Together with S Ventures and Singularity XDR, we’re empowering security teams with critical insights and asset intelligence to help them better manage their attack surface and reduce cyber risk.”

Operating in the emerging Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) space, the Noetic platform provides customers with an end-to-end platform to manage cyber risk.

“Noetic Cyber offers a novel approach to the cyber posture problem, enabling customers to truly understand their IT and Cloud estate and control for drifts.”  -Mike Petronacci, VP Product Platform, SentinelOne

The Noetic Cyber platform discovers and correlates assets across cloud and on-prem, understands the relationship and context of assets, delivers insight into the security risk that they represent, and provides an easy way to identify and close coverage gaps in the cyber posture of an enterprise. As investors, we were impressed with Noetic’s strong platform capabilities and coverage for the modern tech stack.

“Noetic Cyber is differentiated across its graph-based map of cloud and on-prem assets and entities, extensible query interface, and robust orchestration layer.”  -Matan Mates, Innovation Lead, SentinelOne

S Ventures is on a mission to invest in category-defining security and data companies, and we believe Noetic Cyber is doing just that for CAASM, the Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management market. This new approach to asset visibility and security posture is an important part of SentinelOne’s vision for a more secure future.

We undertook an in-depth analysis of the CAASM market before choosing to invest, and Noetic Cyber emerged as the ideal partner. We announced our integration with Noetic earlier in the year, through which our combined offerings provide customers with attack surface visibility, detection, and response from Singularity XDR with the automated asset management capabilities of Noetic Cyber (you can read more about the integration here).

With the S Ventures investment and Singularity XDR partnership with Noetic Cyber, we can provide security teams around the world with complete security visibility across XDR and CAASM.