S Ventures Invests in Auguria to Solve SecOps Overload

We are excited to announce S Ventures investment in Auguria to empower the vision of achieving 90%+ efficiency in SOC investigations and reducing SIEM costs. Auguria is driving the transformation of traditional security operations by optimizing data for human and AI consumption with the industry’s first Security Knowledge Layer.

SecOps’ Data Dilemma | How to Manage Costs and Maximize Security?

Security fundamentally revolves around managing and analyzing vast quantities of data. Security teams tasked with safeguarding digital assets amass extensive datasets from diverse origins, such as system logs, network traffic, threat intelligence feeds, and endpoint telemetries. The volume of this collected data is on an ever-upward trajectory.

Amidst this data deluge, a significant challenge emerges: distinguishing data related to genuine threats from the multitude of benign noise. This task is not only complex but also critical for effective threat detection and response. Consequently, many organizations opt to retain all gathered data, erring on the side of caution. This approach, however, leads to a substantial increase in SIEM costs.

To mitigate these burgeoning SIEM expenses, a practical strategy involves the meticulous identification and elimination of duplicate, repetitive data, followed by the strategic categorization of the remaining data based on its necessity for either immediate investigation or long-term storage for forensic and compliance purposes. Only the most interesting and anomalous log data and events, those crucial for real-time analysis, dashboards, active threat hunting, and prompt incident response, should be allocated to the priciest data storage solutions.

How Does Auguria Solve the SecOps Data Problems?

Auguria’s Security Knowledge Layer, or Auguria SKL™, instantly identifies whether an event is unique or bears similarities to others through transforming data into vector embeddings and pairing it with insight and organization. Auguria uses AI and ML to reduce data noise, lowering storage and processing costs. This allows existing teams to do more with less. At the core of Auguria’s platform is a vector database and embedding engine, powered by the unique security knowledge model and ontology distilled from extensive real-world security operations experience.

Sitting between XDR, SIEM, or data lake, Auguria provides “grounded” methods that de-noise, rank, and prioritize security events and alerts – optimizing data for both human and AI consumption. This strategy significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio, thereby enhancing the reliability of alerts for SOC analysts as well as making it easier to hunt for the malicious activity related to it.

By enabling autonomous security operations, Auguria is setting new benchmarks for operational efficiency, driving superior outcomes and ROI for security teams. We are excited to support Auguria in delivering on its vision!

“Auguria can be game-changing for SOC analysts and incident responders, as it pinpoints where one should look for the most actionable data and discards the noises.” Josh Blackwelder, Deputy CISO at SentinelOne

How Did We Learn About Auguria and How Does S Ventures Fit In?

Our journey with Auguria’s core team began at RSA 2022 where Keith Palumbo and Chris Colter first unveiled their visionary concept. Both Keith and Chris are as impressive as the technology they are building. They started Skout Forensics in 2010, which was acquired by Cylance in 2012. Chris has extensive digital forensics experience working across PwC and most recently, SentinelOne, where he tackled complex cybersecurity investigations. Keith combines a legal and business background with years in data investigations, bringing a unique perspective to Auguria. These diverse experiences and skills will drive Auguria to the forefront of security innovation and will enable them to attract top-tier talent.


Auguria is empowering customers to conduct threat investigations with unparalleled cost efficiency, thereby diminishing their dependence on traditional SIEM technologies. New solutions like Auguria SKL™ further the abilities of SecOps analysts by synthesizing the power of AI with the skill of expert-level human defenses.

As SentinelOne’s S Ventures continues to invest in the next generation of security, data, and AI companies, we look forward to seeing Auguria SKL™ augment SecOps teams by delivering hyper-fast and automated security event data comprehension. Please join us in congratulating Auguria on their launch out of a stealth, seed investment round and vision to redefine the standards of digital security to pave the way for a safer tomorrow.

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