Optimizing AngularJS: source code now on Github

At Scalyr, we’ve been rewriting our web client using the AngularJS framework. AngularJS allows us to build our frontend codebase in a modular and testable way, while enabling a single-page application approach that can unlock maximum performance in a web frontend.

Due to the amount of data contained in our log viewer, our first stab at an AngularJS log view had performance problems. We created a set of custom Angular directives to alleviate this. We presented this work in a blog post a few weeks ago, describing how we reduced page update time from 1200 milliseconds to 35 milliseconds.

We have received a flood of requests for the source code to these directives. We’re pleased to announce that the code is now available on Github:


We have done some work to clean up and document the code for external use, but please understand that it was developed for our specific use cases. We hope you find it useful — please let us know!