The Making of “90 Days | A CISO’s Journey to Impact”

In the course of delivering provocative endpoint technology to thousands of customers over the past 2.5 years, we’ve seen a variety of styles, challenges, successes, and failures across the global CISO population.  No doubt the role and responsibility of the CISO is one of the most unique charges in the enterprise of today. Rather than keep these observations and interactions internal to SentinelOne, our team decided to serve as a platform for allowing CISOs to share perspectives, experiences, and lessons learned with the broader community.

Our ebook series was born.  While certainly near and dear to us, the topic of endpoint protection, detection, and response is but a part (a very important part!) of the CISO and cybersecurity leader experience – this publication is NOT an endpoint bible or propaganda piece.  It’s not an “Idiot’s Guide” to being a CISO. Rather, our design principle of this piece is simple: a laconic read to provide practical advice for CISOs to make instant and lasting impact in their organizations.

In our first publication, “90 Days: A CISO’s Journey to Impact – Know Your Role,” we profile some of the world’s leading enterprise cybersecurity leaders.  They share their views on the role and advice to create rapid impact in a reasonable amount of time – 90 days.  It is our hope that readers, whether existing or future CISOs, gain insights to continuously improve and be their most effective selves.

At SentinelOne, continuous hustle, improvement, and effectiveness is the purpose that each of us brings to work every day:  improving the state of enterprise cybersecurity and returning time to our customers through cutting-edge technology. Our approach of a converged EPP + EDR offering that operates autonomously and packages some of the most advanced response, remediation, and hunting tools in an automated fashion wasn’t born from complacency and acceptance of the status quo.  Rather, it was born from the desire, drive, and passion to create impact and know/define our role in the ecosystem of endpoint security.

This is the underlying spirit that we hope you garner from reading the first volume of our ebook.  On behalf of SentinelOne, here’s to your impact and success – happy reading,


Enterprises that do not implement automation in discovery and  especially in response and remediation of attacks will simply be left behind.                           

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