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Kubernetes in the Wild

It’s been a few months since we announced support for Kubernetes cluster-level logging and we’re thrilled to see our customers using it. Last week, we expanded our functionality to help our customers better monitor and troubleshoot containerized environments. We now support all of the following controller types:

1. Deployment

2. DaemonSet

3. StatefulSet

4. Job

5. CronJob

6. ReplicationController

7. ReplicaSet

We also added a new feature that allows you to summarize log volume by Kubernetes application or label to get a quick view into how much data each controller is generating. The screenshot below illustrates this with a sample dashboard that includes a graph with the aggregate trend and a table breaking down log volume by service.

In order to take advantage of these new features, be sure to use the latest Scalyr agent. Check out our documentation for instructions on how to install (or upgrade for existing users) and configure your Scalyr agent.

Also, in case you missed it, be sure to check out last month’s “Learn Kubernetes in One Hour” webinar during which our very own Community Guy, Dave McAllister, teamed up with guest-speaker Christian Meléndez, Cloud Architect at Equinix and technologist extraordinaire, to give us all a crash course in Kubernetes.

Live, log and prosper!