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Welcome to Scalyr Labs

We’re excited to announce Scalyr Labs, a way you can try out new and experimental features before they are released to production. Labs lets us share new functionality more quickly with you to get feedback earlier in the development process.  We are excited to give you the opportunity to be more actively involved in the direction of our product.

Features in Labs are far enough along where we expect them to work but would like your feedback to catch any missing functionality. In the unlikely event that they don’t work, they won’t cause any harm to your data or your account. You choose if you want to use them, which ones you want to use and easily turn labs features on or off at any time.

Finding Scalyr Labs

The first features in Labs include some of the new features we mentioned in our Q4’18 product blog: Stack Trace Linking, Chart Annotations and Post Graph to Slack. We think all of these features will help improve collaboration among teams and streamline troubleshooting workflows.  We’re eager to release these to production so give them a try and let us know what you think!