GISEC 2018 | Fileless Attacks, Ransomware, Integration & Automation

Today we wrapped up our time at GISEC 2018. What a great week! We had an amazing amount of booth traffic alongside compelling interactions. Thank you to all our customers, prospects, & partners that spent time with us.

Our presence at GISEC confirmed once again that across the globe, the same cyber-security challenges exist. After speaking with numerous attendees, the same themes we saw at RSA continued to crop up:

Fileless Attacks 

This attack vector continues to cause havoc.  Traditional signature and static only defenses cannot prevent this type of threat, and the bad actors are well aware.  SentinelOne provides behavioral-AI in real-time, and there is no other vendor on the planet that can better protect against fileless attacks.


Across the globe, this continues to be a threat and a nuisance across all organizations.  And unfortunately, there seems to be no end in sight. SentinelOne has the best approach in the industry to protect against this type of threat.  Static-AI coupled with behavioral-AI gives us the luxury to rely on two fully autonomous artificial intelligence based analysis engines to apply the right technology at the right time during the threat lifecycle. Additionally, in the event of a ransomware attack being able to make its way through these technologies, our Rollback feature provides a safety-net to get back to normal operations within 90 seconds. Lastly, not only do we claim to do these things, but also we back these claims with our industry exclusive Ransomware Warranty.  What could be better? An autonomous defense-in-depth approach that is backed financially.

Integration & Automation

Customers are tired of buying just “technology” that operates within its own silo.  Users want solutions that enrich their entire security ecosystem. SentinelOne was built with this in mind.  We offer 250 complete and robust APIs, clearly documented and readily accessible within each console.

It’s a Wrap! GISEC 2018!

At SentinelOne we could not be more excited about how we are not only addressing today’s complex & advanced threat landscape but also addressing the needs of our customers.

Thank you GISEC for hosting the SentinelOne Team!