Finding Strength Through Core Values & Culture

As we near the end of what has been a disruptive and challenging year for all, I think it’s important to recognize the strength people have shown. I’ve watched my fellow Sentinels rise to the occasion every single day, go above and beyond to make sure their teams and peers are successful, find brilliant solutions to endless obstacles, and show generosity to a degree that makes my heart feel like it might explode. But while I am amazed every day by the professionalism and compassion around me, I’m not surprised. Everything I’ve seen this year confirms what I’ve always known about SentinelOne: we have a truly and undeniably remarkable culture.

As it turns out, my coworkers feel the same way. This week we were recognized by Comparably with awards for Best Company Culture, Best CEO, and as a Best Company for Diversity. These awards are based on anonymous survey results from employees, which means I’m not alone in feeling pride and appreciation for our incredible culture. That culture has developed out of a commitment to our core values and to working as one global team. As noted in Forbes, “employees want a meaningful mission, a core set of values, goals, and priorities that guide the team.” We’ve worked hard to define each of those areas, and then make them a reality by leading with transparency and respect above all else.

Our core values are simple, and are a true representation of who we are and what we believe:

Trust – We strive to be dependable and conduct ourselves with utmost integrity in every situation.
Accountability – We hold ourselves to a high standard of reliability in our words and actions.
Collaboration – We are OneSentinel; we function and succeed as a global team.
Relentlessness – We act with unwavering purpose and determination in everything we do, no matter how big or small.
Ingenuity – We find innovative ways to take on difficult problems and markets, and we embrace diverse perspectives and solutions.
Community – We work together as a team to achieve more, we consider how our words and actions will affect others, and above all we are kind to one another.

When we identified and distilled our core values, a lot of the work happened from the bottom up. We knew that our values wouldn’t be an accurate reflection of the company if our employees weren’t part of the process. But our CEO, Tomer Weingarten, was also actively engaged in the process and made sure our values reflected the spirit in which the company was founded. He has committed to modeling those values in every interaction and decision – even our product embodies our values. Natalia Peart said it best:

“culture is… strengthened based on how well everyone from the top-down lives and breathes the culture each day. When companies are challenged, the culture grows at the speed of trust.”

Our leaders live and breathe our values, trust their teams, and most importantly, they are trustworthy. Employees need to trust their leaders, period. When leaders understand that, and act on it… amazing things happen.

Speaking of wild and wonderful things, there’s a little bit of alchemy that happens when you combine our core values. When you blend trust with respect and collaboration, you get an inclusive community that prioritizes diversity. You get a company that understands the magic of diverse teams, ideas, and perspectives. That said, we have a lot of work ahead of us (and a lot of ideas!) around continuing to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. But I think our employees of color see that SentinelOne is committed to that work, and feel safe, seen, and supported. Innovation is in our DNA, and I know as a company we will use that skill to build diversity and inclusion into everything we do. And along the way, we just might create a better workplace and future.