Feature Spotlight | Integrated Mobile Threat Detection with Singularity™ Mobile and Microsoft Intune

SentinelOne is pleased to announce the launch of an integration between Singularity™ Mobile and Microsoft Intune. Singularity Mobile is a Mobile Threat Detection (MTD) solution built on the SentinelOne XDR Platform.

It detects threats on iOS and Android devices, combating mobile phishing and enforcing zero trust on infected or risky devices. With the Microsoft Intune connector for SentinelOne, users can easily deploy, sync, detect, and respond with MDM and MTD working together.

Mobile Attacks Are On The Rise

Credential theft via SMS phishing led to hundreds of enterprises being breached in 2022. Mobile attacks are on the rise with mobile malware now one of the fastest growing malware types. While ransomware has dominated a decade of attacks, access to data has become an equally important goal for attackers.

Mobile devices provide an easier attack surface for phishing campaigns and enjoy a level of access to enterprise assets now approaching that of workstations. To thwart this barrage of attacks with minimal overhead, enterprises want mobile security to work with mobile management.

Singularity Mobile and Microsoft Intune elevation of privilege

An Integrated Solution to Mobile Security

Connecting Microsoft Intune and SentinelOne is simple and game changing. Setup is as simple as a few clicks to cross launch and authenticate. Once connected, the two consoles begin syncing selected device groups, making it easy to deploy and begin setting up conditional access policies based on risk level.

Risk will be shared at the cloud and agent level and all access decisions will be automatic, making daily management largely autonomous.

Singularity Mobile and Microsoft Intune detection policy

This integrated approach to mobile differentiates Singularity Mobile from the competition. While other endpoint vendors offer mobile solutions, none invest as deeply in an integrated approach. Not only can mobile be managed end to end from the same platform as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Kubernetes protection, SentinelOne has invested in multiple MDM partnerships for better detection and response and flexibility in MDM vendors.

Singularity Makes Mobile Security Seamless

The Singularity mobile agent and Microsoft Intune console combine to make mobile security seamless. End users are notified of malicious apps, networks, phishing links, and advanced attack detections. Phishing is stopped in real time.

Singularity Mobile and Microsoft Intune threats and alerts

When in a more continuous risky state, the device loses access. When the user uninstalls a malicious app or disconnects from a malicious network, it automatically regains access. Detections on system level attacks leave the device in a risky state until the SOC analyst can investigate and remediate the threat.

These flows allow users visibility into threats and risks, protect credentials, limit attack paths, and all while only rarely requiring analyst action.

Integrating Mobile Security with Open XDR

With the launch of this Microsoft integration, SentinelOne also expands its native and open approach to XDR. While SentinelOne mobile threats and risks already enrich workstation threats, mobile risk and threats will now be informed by Intune’s device visibility. By bringing Intune data into the platform, security teams gain a better view of each device and the environment.

As Singularity Mobile is an integrated part of the SentinelOne console, mobile devices will only further benefit from SentinelOne’s platform approach to XDR as investment into XDR capabilities continues.

Singularity Mobile and Microsoft Intune suspicious android app

Correlation and automation are driving the platform to new and differentiated levels, allowing mobile threats triaged from the platform to stand to benefit from capabilities like unrivaled investigation flows in Skylight and no-code automations available in the Singularity Marketplace.


With the market investing in mobile security like never before, SentinelOne is excited to offer customers a differentiated, integrated, easy-to-manage solution to combat mobile phishing, malicious apps and networks, and vulnerability detection by combining those capabilities with the world’s largest MDM.

To learn more about how SentinelOne can help secure all endpoints, cloud and identity across the enterprise, contact us or request a demo.

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