Does Your Law Firm Need Locks or a Security Guard?

It’s time to mature our endpoint security focus!

With the rapid increase of ransomware, spyware and other aggressive and creative ways of destruction, Innovative Computing Systems is focused on ways to support our clients by increasing layers of protection across the network.

Historically, anti-virus vendors have focused on matching signatures at endpoints to stop the infection of a system or environment by viruses and spyware. The problem with this approach is that those who intend to do us harm are far more savvy today. Rather than watching for signatures and requiring constant updates, our preference is to have our client environments protected from behaviors. That’s why we proudly partner with SentinelOne!

Think your law firm is safe from cyberattack? According to the ABA, probably not:


This Forbes article discusses behavioral versus signature threat detection and SentinelOne’s work with Netflix on moving the streaming service away from traditional anti-virus solutions.

It’s time to make the move!