Central Park Feature Glance – Active Directory Integration Demonstration

In yesterday’s blog post we detailed what options are available for AD Integration and why I feel that SentinelOne has the best approach to this integration.  The purpose of today’s blog will be to detail how our customers can leverage and configure this feature. More in particular, how to create a SentinelOne group based off a AD group.

Within the SentinelOne platform and specifying AD criteria and grouping we can utilize either of these options:

  1. Device AD Membership – This is really helpful in creating groups by physical location of the workstation or other relevant details around the workstation itself.
  2. User AD Membership – We can specify criteria around the actual AD user, independent of the psychical workstation.  This is very relevant for VDI environments and also shared workstations/kiosks.

In the video below we will detail the following:

  1. Computer Details and new tab of “Active Directory”.  This will provide the details for both Computer and User DN.
  2. Creation of a Filter Set based off a AD Group
  3. Creation of SentinelOne Group based off the newly created Filter Set


This is just one of the many new exciting enhancements with the Central Park release.

In our next post we will focus on the enhancements around Deep Visibility.