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Board of Advisors Appointment: Wishing Jeremiah Grossman Our Best

By SentinelOne -

Today is bittersweet as Jeremiah Grossman moves into an advisory role with SentinelOne so he can spend more time on his next journey:  founding his own startup!

When Jeremiah joined us nearly two years ago as our Chief of Security Strategy, it was at a pivotal point in our maturation. His contributions have been instrumental in getting us to where we are today. We’re excited that he will still be with us as a strategic advisor in our next phase of growth.

Most of you, and the industry at large, know him for his active participation in the global dialogue on the proliferation of malware, specifically ransomware.   He is an expert in the development methods, the business, the actors, psychological effects and remediation options of ransomware. 

He is a true thought leader and a great asset for all of us combating the growing threats we all face every day. He’s been very helpful to us as he’s travelled the world delivering presentations and insights to our customers on the topic.

Another key contribution we thank Jeremiah for is on his efforts spearheading our cyber warranty program and its related advocacy. He led our efforts in being the first next-generation endpoint vendor to offer an integrated cyber warranty covering the SentinelOne EPP solution: providing coverage for up to $1M per business and $1k per device. It’s an incredible accomplishment and a unique differentiator we still offer our customers.

He’s clearly done so much for us, and for that we are deeply appreciative. While Jeremiah will no longer serve as the fulltime Chief of Security Strategy, it’s great news for our customers that he’ll be staying on in an advisory role.

Congratulations Jeremiah, we wish you the best and are looking forward to continuing collaborating with you now and in your next exciting endeavor!


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