Artificial Intelligence: Your Digital Sentinel

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Your Digital Sentinel

Businesses of every variety and every industry are facing a constant deluge of the collective black hats trying to storm their digital fences and jeopardize their network integrity. Rarely a day goes by that the headlines aren’t filled with at least one story of another global conglomerate suffering under the weight of an all-out attack on their data and networks. Suffice it to say, if the largest and most technologically advanced organizations in the world still fall victim to these threats, every business with any sort of digital footprint is susceptible.

That isn’t to say that your business, no matter its size or industry, is a proverbial sitting duck to the clever and relentless black hats of the world. In fact, with some deliberate planning and a well-organized game plan, companies can efficiently and effectively defend themselves and their data from intrusion. As is often the case in such matters, technology can play a potent and powerful role in maintaining network integrity ,as well as the data that both you and your customer base value so highly.

Artificial Intelligence: Your Digital Sentinel

Although most people are now well-acquainted with the sheer scope of changes artificial intelligence will bring to nearly every facet of society, most attention seems to be paid elsewhere rather than the significant benefits it is already providing network security. While AI is already helping people find new shows to binge watch and routes commuters around traffic during the morning commute, one of the biggest ways it is destined to impact modern life is by serving as a digital sentinel to keep data and networks secure from intrusion.

As quickly as technology evolves in this dynamic marketplace, organizations can adopt new innovations before their network security can maintain data integrity. With companies quickly integrating such connected technologies as IoT and countless cloud-based platforms designed to infuse significant efficiencies across their operations, network security can often lag behind those advanced systems.

The result, of course, is networks filled with security gaps just waiting to be exploited. However, with an AI-based system that is tasked with the sole responsibility of constantly monitoring a company’s network for weak spots and possible entry points, organizations can take a proactive approach in securing the data that is so vital to their very existence.

The Powerful Traits of AI Are an Ideal Fit

By its very nature, AI and its subset technology, machine learning, is an inherently good fit to constantly and relentlessly patrol the perimeter of your digital fortress. The complex algorithms and computing power that serve as the foundation for these innovations naturally lend themselves to the responsibility of monitoring a company’s networks.

Since AI is uniquely able to refine and expand its capabilities with further use and a constant influx of new data, it is well-equipped to keep lockstep with an ever-evolving landscape of ransomware, Trojans, theoretical anarchists and a host of random bad guys simply trying to wreak havoc wherever and whenever possible. With its ability to constantly learn and hone its performance, an AI-based platform specifically built to monitor your networks for possible intrusion and any weaknesses can be an invaluable addition to your security protocol.

Bad Guys Don’t Sleep, So Neither Should Your Network Security

The bad guys don’t sleep. They don’t take breaks to catch their breath, rarely pause to enjoy the smaller things in life and certainly never stop looking for organizations to exploit. For those reasons and many more, it is of absolute importance to find partners that can provide you the endpoint security your business demands in an insecure world.

At SentinelOne, we take absolute pride in being that trusted partner for companies requiring the expertise and reliability in a security partner for a complex and dynamic marketplace. Using prescient technologies like AI in our approach, SentinelOne can protect your data today to best ensure a successful and lasting tomorrow.