Advanced Identity Security Solutions with Ranger AD

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How Vulnerable Is Your
Active Directory?

You have access to SentinelOne's endpoint security and identity security products that provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for protecting your organization from cyber threats. SentinelOne provides advanced protection against known and unknown threats, while Singularity Ranger AD enables granular monitoring of user and service access points and real-time analytics for quick identification of potential threats. Together, these solutions ensure that your data and systems remain secure at all times, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Management 250x82 PURP

Reduce Your AD
Attack Surface

Analyze configuration changes to conform with best practices, and eliminate excessive privileges with quick remediation.

Automation 250x82 PURP

Continuously Analyze Identity Exposure

Skip the expensive and manual audits. Automatically pinpoint critical domain, computer, and user-level exposures continuously in Active Directory and Azure AD.

Detection 250x82 PURP

Detect Live
AD Attacks

Proactively monitor AD and Azure AD for activities that indicate potentially active attacks, both continuously and on-demand.

94% of Organizations Have
Experienced an Identity Breach

Organizations can prevent attackers from gaining access to your Active Directory and Azure AD crown jewels—whether on-prem or in the cloud—and identify attempts to expand access, establish persistence, and move laterally.

Gain Actionable Insight Into
AD Exposure

  • See clearly into the state of your AD and Azure AD with hundreds of real-time vulnerability checks.
  • Uncover domain-level exposures such as weak policies, credential harvesting, and Kerberos vulnerabilities.
  • Reveal user-level exposures through AD object analysis, privileged account evaluation, stale account identification, and identifying shared credential use.
  • Understand device-level AD attack paths, including rogue domain controllers, OS issues, and vulnerabilities.

Detect Attack Indicators

  • Ensure continuous visibility to AD attack indicators without impacting business operations.
  • Detect identity and service account misuse.
  • Reduce mean time to respond to unauthorized mass account changes and suspicious password changes.
  • Receive proactive notifications related to AD attacks.

Achieve Fast


  • Implement easily and see low friction results.
  • Gain flexibility and ease-of-maintenance with on-premises and SaaS options.
  • Achieve full coverage for on-premises Active Directory, Azure AD, and multi-cloud environments.
  • Maximize security with minimal resources: requires just one endpoint and no privileged credentials.

Singularity Ranger AD FAQ

How does Ranger AD work? Navigation Arrow Down Light

Ranger AD is a lightweight agent that runs from a single domain-joined endpoint that analyzes the AD database for vulnerabilities. After establishing discovery of your Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD, it funnels the information into your management console.

What will Ranger AD tell me? Navigation Arrow Down Light

Ranger AD provides real-time vulnerability assessment around identity security, including misconfigurations, excessive privileges, or data exposures.​ It also discovers weaknesses before attackers can exploit them, reducing the attack surface for Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD.​

How do I deploy Ranger AD? Navigation Arrow Down Light

Ranger AD runs off a lightweight library from a single domain-joined endpoint without requiring elevated privileges and includes a flexible management console on-premises or in the public cloud. It automatically monitors Microsoft Active Directory (AD), analyzing changes and new exposures that indicate possible malicious activity.​

How often do I have to run Ranger AD? Navigation Arrow Down Light

You can set Ranger AD to assess Microsoft Active Directory (AD) security conditions continuously or on-demand.

What types of weaknesses can Ranger AD identify for security teams? Navigation Arrow Down Light

Ranger AD helps organizations uncover domain-level, user-level, and device-level identity threat information, including weak policies, credential harvesting, privilege account evaluation, and rogue domain controllers.

How does Ranger AD help detect identity-based cyber threats? Navigation Arrow Down Light

Ranger AD can help detect persistent AD attacks by providing full visibility into attack indicators and notifying you in real-time regarding anomalous activity associated with AD-based attacks.

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