Top 8 Reasons to Come by SentinelOne Booth 845 at RSA

It’s my third year at RSA with SentinelOne, and I couldn’t be more excited about meeting all of you security professionals who will be at the show. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should stop by the SentinelOne booth #845 (in the South Hall):

  1.  Research: Think of all of those vendors you’ll be able to research before finding “the one” in booth 845?
  2. The Range: You can join us in our quest to take out endpoint security solutions that just aren’t cutting it. (Intrigued, you say? Come by!)
  3. Hourly Theater Sessions: Join us on the hour, every hour in the booth Tuesday – Thursday as our experts present a variety of topics and show live attack demos. You’ll get a healthy dose of Command Line as well as a little prize for attending.
  4. Demos: The smart guys (and gals) will be showing live demonstrations of our pre-execution prevention (deep file inspection) and behavioral engines, response and forensics, and Avnet Security for Endpoints solutions. Come see why SentinelOne was the top Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms!
  5. Product Promotion: Pick up a promotion code to use on your upcoming purchase – you’ll get a discount plus a little sump’n you can use for yourself (or your loved one…you are, after all, missing Valentine’s Day for the sake of cyber security.)
  6. Ashton Kutcher will be there. Just kidding. But I will. On and off that is – but it’s not why you should come by. You should come by for the other reasons listed above – we have an awesome Next Generation Endpoint Protection platform to show and offers to give. Don’t miss it.
  7. Calories: Your inner monologue may be whispering “What, walk all the way to the end of the South Hall to visit booth 845 – too far!” but think of all of those extra steps you’ll log in your Fitbit? Do it for that extra bite of cake.
  8. Door Hanger Redemption: Staying at the Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, W, or Intercontinental and notice the SentinelOne door hanger? Bring the hanger by booth 845 to get two free movie tickets – your efforts will also put some smiles on our marketing team’s face.SentinelOne at RSA 2017
  9. Strategic Location: Ok so a ninth was just added. Someone mentioned that we’re strategically placed close to the restroom. But also there is a chance we’ll also have no lines at the happy hour cart by our booth, so there’s your two-for-one.

And not related to the booth, in the Ransomware track on February 13th, join Jeremiah Grossman, SentinelOne Chief of Security Strategy, from 10-10:30am for his session: What the Kidnapping & Ransom Economy Teaches Us About Ransomware. Reserve a seat.

To obtain a free Expo pass, you can use the code XE7SNTLWNE and register on the RSA 2017 site here.

See you at booth 845 next week! If you can’t make RSA, stay tuned, we have something in store for you too…

By: Tomer Weingarten

If you’d like to meet at RSA, click here.