S Ventures Invests in Laminar, a Cloud Data Security Pioneer

S Ventures is excited to showcase our investment in Laminar, a pioneer in the cloud data loss prevention (DLP) and data security posture management industry.

Cloud adoption has grown rapidly in recent years, and was further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide end user spend on public cloud in 2023 is expected to reach $600 billion. On top of that, the amount of enterprise data continues to expand exponentially, having more than doubled from one petabyte to just over two petabytes from 2020 to 2022. More than 60% of this data is generated in the cloud.

As more organizations rely on the public cloud for their enterprise infrastructure and build their businesses to be cloud-native, it’s more important than ever before to mitigate data security and privacy risks accordingly.

The growing reliance on the cloud also breeds new cybersecurity and data challenges. Many companies embrace a multi-cloud environment which requires additional controls to be in place to protect sensitive data. Different environments have different built-in security controls and tools, making visibility and consistent protection difficult to achieve. Properly identifying and mitigating data risk requires understanding of data sensitivity, data security posture, and data exposure in one common view. That’s why Laminar is a meaningful addition to S Ventures’ portfolio of category-defining security and data companies.

Laminar’s plug-and-play platform spots data privacy and protection violations without any prior knowledge of the environment and without impacting performance. It autonomously and continuously discovers and classifies new datastores for complete visibility, prioritizes risk based on sensitivity and data risk posture, secures data by remediating weak controls, and actively monitors for egress and access anomalies. Laminar’s commitment to helping organizations securely modernize their businesses aligns with S Ventures’ goals and vision for a more secure future for all.

Since its emergence from stealth in November 2021, Laminar released general availability of its platform in February 2022 and has significantly grown its platform capabilities:

  • Data Catalog for Cloud Security (DCCS): Autonomous discovery and classification for all data across AWS, Azure, GCP, and Snowflake;
  • Data Security Posture Management (DSPM): Detection and alerting on data-centric security policy violations, prioritization of issues for resolution, and actionable remediation recommendations;
  • Cloud Data Access Control (CDAC): Mapping of what data is accessible to an entity, which entities have access to sensitive data, and which entity is actually accessing which data;
  • Cloud Data Detection and Response (CDDR): Monitoring and detection of anomalous access patterns that may indicate a data leak or potential breach of sensitive data.

Our customers, as well as organizations around the world, are prioritizing the need to control and protect sensitive data in the public cloud. We see Laminar’s approach as complementary in helping our customers secure data across public clouds and are excited to support Laminar in building a cloud data security platform to discover, protect, secure, and monitor everything built and run in the cloud.

Please visit www.laminarsecurity.com and the S Ventures page to learn more.