S Ventures Invests in Drata to Take Security Compliance to the Next Level

As the age of modern software and cloud-native applications enters its third decade, user experience and performance are now joined by security and compliance as top priorities. Add in the mounting pressure from governments and regulating bodies, enhanced public scrutiny, increased frequency and cost of security incidents such as data breaches, and you end up with a critical, enterprise scale challenge. Because security and compliance is of paramount concern to not just SentinelOne’s long term success, but to the success and longevity of businesses everywhere, S Ventures is excited to announce our investment in Drata—the leader in compliance automation and continuous monitoring.

“Partnering with a leading XDR platform is another step in our efforts toward bridging the gap between security and compliance, and serving as the trust layer between our customers and those they do business with. We’re confident that our work with SentinelOne and S Ventures will deliver innovative solutions that provide real, tangible value for our customers.” – Adam Markowitz, Co-Founder & CEO of Drata

Traditional security checklist approaches to maintaining compliance are too rigid and manual, and don’t scale well. This pain point is exacerbated as companies scale and become more complex whilst adding and managing more types of compliance frameworks, standards, and regulations. Key tasks like developing policies and procedures, conducting risk assessments, inventorying all company assets, and collecting artifacts place an undue burden on already constrained engineers, security analysts, and other teams. Instead of being in a state of continuous compliance, efforts are focused on the re-audit towards the end of every compliance cycle.

Enter Drata’s purpose-built, next-gen compliance automation platform which provides visibility, analytics, automation, and 75+ native integrations to enable continuous control monitoring at scale. Within minutes, Drata can connect data from all relevant systems, providing a unified view of compliance against SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and others, saving companies hundreds of hours per year.

In addition to compliance, Drata’s platform provides public security posture reporting via Trust Center, Risk Management (access reviews, scoring and testing), and GRC (questionnaires and vendor risk) capabilities—a true system of record for real-time security compliance posture.

“At SentinelOne, we believe compliance and security go hand-in-hand. Compliance is the codification of security best practices, providing a framework to measure and standardize. A key part of the S Ventures mandate is to get behind category-leading companies, and it’s clear Drata is a trailblazer taking share from both legacy and other next-gen compliance solutions. We are happy to be a part of Drata’s next phase of growth and excited for what’s to come.” – Rob Salvagno, SVP Corporate Development & Ventures at SentinelOne

Drata’s product innovation and category leadership is best captured by its hypergrowth, positive customer feedback, and as a leader on G2’s Top 20 Cloud Compliance Software ranking. Customers applaud its enterprise-grade features including advanced automation, UI/UX, deep/native integrations, and best-in-class customer support. It’s clear the team at Drata share our vision of building category-defining technologies that solve big problems and accelerate security and productivity.

S Ventures looks forward to partnering with Drata in their next phase of hypergrowth and executing on furthering the mission to put security and compliance on autopilot.