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Ransomware by the Numbers

By SentinelOne -

Everyone in the security industry is talking about. Everyone who has been a victim of it is talking about it. Law enforcement is talking about it. You guessed it – ransomware. Three years strong of profitable attacks and still very much alive and well. Just when you think it’s a topic getting long in the tooth, another news story appears. Just yesterday, three hospitals in the U.S. were infected with ransomware, and they broadcasted delayed electronic communications and a disruption of critical infrastructure. Though the intention of hackers could be to maintain a profit, these attacks are becoming dangerous.

Check out this infographic to see ransomware by the numbers – the cost, the evolution, the targets, and the keys to prevention. And then watch our demos on how SentinelOne can mitigate and remediate unknown ransomware variants.


ransomware infographic

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