PowerQueries Are Here!

Last month we introduced a beta version of PowerQueries, a new set of data operations within Scalyr that give users the ability to transform and manipulate data on the fly. The news was even covered in a nice writeup by Frederic Lardinois at TechCrunch. Thanks, Frederic! Since then, we’ve received a lot of interest and valuable feedback. More than 25 customers signed up for the beta program and many of them started to solve real-world issues in their production environments right away:

The PowerQueries immediately helped me extract information I needed to validate an issue. The rapid time to value has been an incredible asset for our team.

Dave Martorana, co-founder of FlyClops, an independent mobile games studio specializing in casual multi-player games played by millions across the globe

Scalyr’s PowerQueries give me the power to easily aggregate and drill down into our logs. The interface is simple and fast, and within one week PowerQueries have already become an indispensable tool in understanding our system.

Aaron Bannin, Engineer at Flexport, the first Operating System for Global Trade

I have been working with the new PowerQueries feature against my database logs. It is great! I actually prefer it because it is similar to a SQL interface.

John Pruitt, Senior Database Administrator at Shipt, a wholly owned subsidiary of Target

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we’ve decided to make PowerQueries available to all of our customers. Check out our official GA announcement and a fascinating blog post describing how we implemented them by our founder and chairman, Steve Newman.

PowerQueries results table
PowerQueries results table

PowerQueries help users perform multi-conditional searches and create data pipelines in support of specific reports, which are extremely useful when you are not sure what you are looking for and need to summarize results quickly and easily. Users can seamlessly pivot from facet-based search to complex log search operations for complicated data sets, such as grouping, transformations, filtering and sorting, table lookups and joins. Our PowerQueries are designed with a simple syntax so they are easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, just like the rest of our features. To quote Steve: “Our #1 criterion for release was to provide the performance and ease-of-use at scale that Scalyr has always been known for.”

If you’re a customer of Scalyr, we hope that PowerQueries will make it even easier for you to pinpoint problems and save you even more time during troubleshooting and root cause analysis. We’ll continue to enhance PowerQueries over time so be sure to send any and all feedback to our support team. If you’re not yet a customer – maybe you were waiting for this feature 🙂 – go ahead and give it a try to see how fast and simple Scalyr and our new PowerQueries really are.