Alexa, send me the daily SentinelOne report


We are thrilled to announce and publicly launch SentinelOne’s Alexa integration today.  By making information available anywhere, anytime, SentinelOne is able to solve the first mile problem.  

  1. The first mile problem is what a CISO faces when she is asked by her CEO if she is protected against Meltdown/Spectre or the latest vulnerability/attack that made morning headlines.  
  2. The first mile problem is what the Network/IT team faces when they want to determine whether all SentinelOne agents are up to date.
  3. The first mile problem is what the SoC team has when they are informed about devices beaconing out/exfiltrating information to an enemy state and want to identify the process name/hash and list of all devices where this process is running.  
  4. The first mile problem is what a departmental head has when she doesn’t know if she has the budget to approve an employee’s request to enroll in a development learning program.
  5. The first mile problem is what the CMO faces when she is asked what the pipeline target for May 2017 is in a meeting to discuss corporate strategy.
  6. The first mile problem is what a CFO faces when the CEO asks him at the water-cooler what the average selling price of SKU 152 in Scandinavia.

The common trend in all these first mile scenarios is that:

  1. We are responsible for accessing, analyzing, and sharing growing amounts of data.
  2. We have all been caught “unprepared” at some time or other.  
  3. While information is available in our systems and can be queried, the time it takes to log into the console, create the right report, and summarize adds the most latency – the human element.

And, this is precisely what SentinelOne, through the S1 Nexus Program, are trying to address with an API-first approach and integrations with products like Alexa.  All you need to do is ask Alexa (or your preferred voice assistant), and she will run the queries and report back to you instantly.  Fast and accurate information delivery will increase business agility and competitive advantage.  

We envision a world where every conference room has a voice assistant for such situations and these voice based interactions are the norm.  To that end, we are open-sourcing our Alexa integration code and inviting software vendors to collaborate and enhance what we have built.  We are demo-ing our Alexa skills in a webinar on the 15th of February.  

Alexa, how many people have registered for our webinar?