24/7 threat assessment and response protect you from breaches that make headlines


Advanced attacks are the hardest to detect. These threats are driven by advanced actors and are designed to evade detection. You must maintain a constant watch to ensure timely detection and swift response, all while avoiding hampering the flow of information that powers your business. SentinelOne Vigilance helps you respond swiftly and appropriately to every alert.


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Accelerated time to protection


SentinelOne Vigilance adds an extra layer of protection to your SentinelOne solution. It augments your team with SentinelOne Cyber Security Analysts, who work with you to accelerate the detection, prioritization, and response to threats.


Forensics and threat hunting


Taking advantage of the power of the SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform, Cyber Security Analysts deliver on-demand sample forensics, Post detection hunting in your environment (requires SentinelOne Complete license), and detect security incidents.


Augment your security team


SentinelOne Cyber Security Analysts run through suspicious events in your SentinelOne console, conducting sample analysis as needed. We augment your security team by determining if events are threats or benign. You receive proactive notifications to keep you abreast of any critical events.

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