SentinelOne COVID-19 Update

SentinelOne is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and business partners. As COVID-19 spreads, we are actively following and sharing updates, resources, and guidelines by local, state, and federal authorities including the CDC, WHO, as well as international government updates in all countries in which we operate. In addition, we send ongoing and real-time communication to all employees with guidance on minimizing the risk of infection, evolving company policies, and procedures for personal and business travel. We have dedicated real time communication methods for each region to provide information and answer employees’ questions globally.

SentinelOne embraces the concepts of a dissolving network perimeter and a highly mobile workforce. Over 50% of our staff work remotely; all departments are required to be fully effective and secure regardless of office or remote location. All of our teams are designed with the capabilities and resources to work remotely. We also have a detailed Disaster Recovery Plan implemented across all geographies, both remote and in all SentinelOne offices.

We actively monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation and our global operations to safeguard our people, customers, and business continuity.