SentinelOne’s Next-Generation Endpoint Software Dominates New AV-Test and Outperforms Traditional Antivirus Tools

SentinelOne’s Next-Generation Endpoint Software Dominates New AV-Test and Outperforms Traditional Antivirus Tools

 New Analysis Reveals SentinelOne Detects 100 Percent of MAC OS X Malware, Leading the Pack in Protection and Performance Over Legacy Players such as McAfee, Symantec and Avast

PALO ALTO, Calif.—December 22, 2016—SentinelOne, the company transforming endpoint security by delivering real-time protection powered by machine learning and dynamic behavior analysis, today announced that its proprietary Endpoint Protection Platform outperformed 11 other companies, including legacy AV vendors McAfee, Symantec, and Avast, in defending computers running Mac OS X from malware in an AV-Test assessment.

SentinelOne detected and removed 100 percent of the malware samples with zero false positive and out of all the software tested, SentinelOne had the least impact on overall system performance. Furthermore, SentinelOne was the only company using next-generation technology, such as machine learning to defend users from the changing threat landscape.

“If security performance is the main focus, then the security packages from AVG, Bitdefender, SentinelOne and Sophos performed the most reliably in the test,” said Maik Morgenstern, CTO of AV-Test in the online report. “If we consider the system load required for this, however, then the product from SentinelOne is the best recommendation. It places hardly any measurable system load on MacOS Sierra for daily routines.”

The performance test was conducted by downloading several files to a reference system before running the downloads again with the antivirus software running. The initial reference system was 241 seconds and SentinelOne only added one second to the total download time. Some other systems added more time, ranging from nine to 16 seconds with others reaching up to 64 seconds.

“These latest AV-Test results speak to a larger industry call to action – all security vendors, including legacy and next-gen companies, need to be willing and able to make their products available for third-party testing. Customer assurance in security is critical now more than ever,” said Tomer Weingarten, co-founder and CEO of SentinelOne. “We are proud to offer a next-gen platform that excels in testing scenarios for both threat protection and performance. The use of machine learning and dynamic behavior analysis is the proven way forward to combat the stealthy, persistent strategies that hackers are continuing to refine and expand.”

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