SentinelOne’s Next-Generation Endpoint Protection Now Available through Avnet

One of the world’s largest IT distributors adds SentinelOne’s advanced endpoint security to its portfolio, delivering unsurpassed protection against today’s advanced cyber threats

PALO ALTO, CA, NOVEMBER 1ST, 2016SentinelOne, the company transforming endpoint security by delivering real-time protection powered by machine learning and intelligent automation, today announced a strategic partnership with Avnet, Inc., a leading global technology distributor. Avnet will begin working with SentinelOne to offer unparalleled threat detection and prevention technology to its U.S. partners.

Legacy solutions, such as antivirus, that rely on static signatures have proven ineffective against the sophistication of today’s dynamic and highly evasive threats. There’s an immediate need for a new generation of security technology that can discover, adapt to and stop a broader class of new threats in real time. SentinelOne’s Endpoint Protection Platform utilizes sophisticated machine learning that combines both static analysis and behavioral-based detection, along with automated mitigation actions to defeat malware, exploit and script-based attacks with extreme precision.

Advanced forensic and remediation functions provide teams with the tools necessary to make real-time decisions, protecting organizations from further risk. Through this layered, total protection approach, SentinelOne is able to offer a highly effective solution that remains steps ahead of a dynamic threat landscape.

“With the influx of devices coming online every day and breaches still a daily occurrence, businesses are asking for next-generation technologies that can secure each and every endpoint within their networks, as traditional perimeter technologies have proven to be ineffective,” said Alex Ryals, vice president of security and networking, Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. “SentinelOne’s machine learning and intelligent automation creates a multi-layered approach that enables our partners and their customers to find and stop malicious behavior before incurring any damage.”

Avnet will also take advantage of SentinelOne’s threat protection warranty that was announced earlier this year, offering financial restitution to its partners and their customers in the unlikely event of a ransomware attack. The warranty reflects SentinelOne’s confidence in its singular ability to fight advanced forms of malware, including those used in ransomware attacks, and willingness to challenge today’s security industry to back up product claims with tangible validation.

“The relationship with Avnet Technology Solutions marks an important milestone in the adoption of next-generation endpoint protection,” said Scott Gainey, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for SentinelOne. “Avnet is taking a strong leadership stance in the fight against cyber threats by offering dramatic new solutions to its partners, such as bundling SentinelOne for endpoint security with IBM BigFix to deploy the SentinelOne agents.”

SentinelOne’s Partner Program

Recognized as one of the top endpoint providers in CRN’s 2016 Security 100 list, a compilation of companies that are arming partners with next-generation endpoint technologies, SentinelOne delivers superior endpoint protection to its partner network.

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About SentinelOne

SentinelOne is shaping the future of endpoint security with an integrated platform that unifies the detection, prevention and remediation of threats initiated by nation states, terrorists, and organized crime. SentinelOne’s unique approach is based on deep inspection of all system processes combined with innovative machine learning to quickly isolate malicious behaviors, protecting devices against advanced, targeted threats in real time. SentinelOne was formed by an elite team of cyber security and defense experts from IBM, Intel, Check Point Software Technologies, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks and the Israel Defense Forces. To learn more visit or follow us at @SentinelSec

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