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Technical Account Manager (TAM) Terms


Service Features

These SentinelOne Services Technical Account Manager (TAM) Terms (“TAM Terms”) describe the various TAM service components (collectively, “TAM Services”) with respect to the SentinelOne Solutions (“Solutions”) which may be provided by Sentinel Labs Inc. (“SentinelOne”) to subscribers of the Solutions (“Customers”) under the SentinelOne Terms of Service (“Terms,” available here, or another version of the Terms agreed to in writing among the Customer and SentinelOne). TAM Services are provided to Customers as more specifically described in each case under an applicable Statement of Work (“SOW”). Capitalized terms not defined but used herein have the meaning assigned to such terms in the Terms. In the event of any conflict between these TAM Terms and the Terms, the terms of the Terms shall control unless stated otherwise in a version of these TAM Terms executed by SentinelOne.

The TAM will provide all Account Management, Case Management and Lifecycle Planning services while also serving as a conduit for the Support Coverage Services, as further defined below. The TAM will provide information related to open technical support cases, as well as Solutions information, industry trends, threat information, best practices, and other related information during the Subscription Term.

Named Point of Contact: Customer will be assigned a named TAM who will serve as Customer’s primary account contact for the Services.

Technical Support Coverage

TAM Coverage and Response: Customer has access to their assigned TAM during Local Regional Business Hours. Customer may designate up to six (6) Designated Contacts who may interact with the Customer’s assigned TAM with respect to the Solutions. Outside of Local Regional Business Hours, queries will be handled via SentinelOne Support Services, as detailed in the Support Terms.

Priority Queuing and Access to Enterprise Technical Support Engineers: During off Local Regional Business Hours, Customer will receive priority call queuing and direct access to a pool of experienced SentinelOne technical support engineers.

Case Creation Assistance: Upon Customer’s request, the TAM may log technical support cases on Customer’s behalf. Outside of Local Regional Business Hours, Customer should call SentinelOne Support Service at +1 855-868-3733 or raise a case via the SentinelOne support portal.

Monthly Standard Support Case Reporting: The TAM will provide monthly reports on Customer’s technical support case history to help identify trends with regard to support issues and to enable discussion about potential areas of improvement with Customer (“Monthly Report”). Monthly Report and follow-up discussion will be provided by the TAM remotely.

Quarterly Reporting and Review: The Monthly Reports will be summarized on a quarterly basis to help identify technical support issues, trends and Customer concerns and to discuss potential areas of improvement and make recommendations. The quarterly review also addresses customer business requirements and how SentinelOne is performing against them and provides insight on the global security threat landscape. This quarterly reports and follow-up discussion will be provided by the TAM remotely.

Annual Account Review: Once during each annual term of the Services, the TAM will meet with Customer to review Customer’s technical support prior year case history for Customer’s instance of the Solutions, and to review Customer’s current security posture and ongoing security strategy in order to make best practice recommendations. This annual report and follow-up discussion will be provided by the TAM remotely.

Case Management

Priority Levels and Response Times: The TAM Response Time shall be as detailed in the table below. A “Response Time” means the elapsed time between the first contact by the Customer to report an issue, and the target time within which the TAM report back to the Customer to acknowledge receipt and start work on Malfunction resolution.

(within 95%)
1 – Urgent Customer reports a malfunction that (a) renders the Solutions inoperative or intermittently operative, (b) causes any material Solutions feature to be unavailable or substantially impaired, (c) materially compromises overall system operability or data integrity when the Solutions are installed and operational in a production environment (that is, causes a multiple systems crash or hang, or loss or corruption of data), or (d) causes a complete failure of the Solutions. 2 hours
2 – High Customer reports a malfunction that (a) renders a required program or feature of the Solutions inoperative or intermittently operative or (b) substantially degrades performance in a production environment. 6 hours
3 – Normal Customer reports a malfunction that (a) renders an optional program of feature inoperative or intermittently operative or (b) causes only a minor impact on Customer’s use of the Solutions. 12 hours
4 – Low Customer reports a malfunction (a) that has only a minor effect on the Solutions functionality, (b) cosmetic flaws or (c) inquiries and questions about configuration and management of the Solutions. 48 hours

Identify and troubleshoot issues: The TAM will use commercially reasonable efforts to assist SentinelOne support engineers in isolating the cause of the technical support issue concerning the Solutions in Customer’s production environment. This may require, among other things, Customer providing additional information about their production environment, answering further questions about the technical support issue, running system/environment diagnostics, applying patches, etc., as necessary for the SentinelOne support engineers to resolve the support issue(s).

Escalation Assistance: During Local Regional Business Hours, the TAM will use commercially reasonable efforts to assist with any high severity technical support case escalations on behalf of Customer. For high severity technical support cases impacting Customer’s production environment, Customer should call SentinelOne’s Support. When the assigned TAM is unavailable or the current time is outside of the local Regional Business Hours, customer should call SentinelOne Support and log a Severity 1 technical support case.

Escalation updates, actions, and management calls: After Customer has logged a Severity 1 technical support case, the TAM will be notified by the SentinelOne support engineer and will then serve as the point of contact for providing technical support case management assistance to Customer during Local Regional Business Hours. The TAM will make work diligently to monitor the technical support case to provide Customer with updates on the status of the case. The TAM will determine if it is necessary to outline a technical support action plan for issue resolution when the TAM does not directly own the issue.

Lifecycle Planning

Patch and Fix Updates: The TAM will notify Customer of bug fixes or patches for the Solutions as they become available.

Product Optimization Services: Customer must request such optimization services through their TAM to be coordinated with support engineers. These optimization services are delivered remotely via telephone, email, and if needed, concluded with an online meeting to discuss the findings and deliver any required reports to Customer.

Customer Responsibilities

Service Availability: Customer must have a current valid subscription to the Solutions and for related Enterprise Support, within the Territory, for which these TAM Services are provided. SentinelOne is not obligated to provide any credits, refunds or extensions of TAM Services when Services are suspended for Customer’s failure to maintain valid subscription for the Solutions and Enterprise Support.

Service-Specific Terms

No Auto-Renewal. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Terms, there is no automatic renewal of the TAM Services. Before the TAM Services expires, Customer must contact SentinelOne or a SentinelOne Reseller to renew the TAM Service.

Service Conditions

The TAM Services will be provided by SentinelOne at the delivery location(s) as agreed to between the parties in writing. Customer authorizes SentinelOne to perform any remote analysis of Your Data (as defined in the Terms) as necessary for providing the TAM Services.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that SentinelOne may be required to connect its computers and other necessary equipment directly to Customer’s computer network, and consents to such activity in connection with providing TAM Service.

SentinelOne shall ensure that TAM Services are performed professionally and courteously in accordance with best industry practices, by properly trained professionals. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customer understands and agrees that SentinelOne provides no guarantees or warranties as to Customer’s satisfaction with the TAM Services, nor do such Services guarantee that the Solutions function as expected by Customer, prevent all malware infections, or otherwise guarantee protection to Customer’s environment.

If SentinelOne materially breaches the above-detailed TAM Services and Service Conditions, Customer’s only remedy is to terminate the TAM Services and receive any prepaid and unused fees for the reminder of the pre-paid TAM Services fees after the date of termination.

The Services will be provided in English, unless otherwise agreed to among the parties. SentinelOne will make commercially reasonable efforts to accommodate local language requirements, when possible, during Local Regional Business Hours.


Designated Contacts” means individuals in Customer’s organization who have been designated as administrators responsible for deploying and maintaining the Solution in Customer’s production environment, within the Territory.

Local Regional Business Hours” means 9AM to 5PM local time or other SentinelOne’s local standard technical support hours in the Territory, as provided to Customer in writing.

Solutions” means the SentinelOne malware protection, detection and remediation platform subscribed to by Customer under the Terms, including all components thereof, and including without limitation all new releases, patches or updates as provided hereunder.

Territory” means the country or region, in which Customer may receive the Services based upon the location of the Solutions.