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Leading XDR technology meets world-class intelligence & expertise

Introducing Singularity Threat Intelligence

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Threat Intelligence Enrichment

Combine SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR capabilities with Mandiant’s threat intelligence and incident response for:

  • Automated triage and enrichment of incidents in SentinelOne Singularity XDR with context and intelligence from Mandiant Threat Intelligence
  • Streamlined hunting for emerging threats with easy querying and pivoting on IOCs within Singularity XDR
  • Autonomous discovery and remediation of threats with Indicators of Compromise from Mandiant
  • Easy integration of best-of-breed solutions with no complex coding or configuration

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Mandiant’s MDR service, Managed Defense, combined with Singularity XDR empowers security teams with:

  • 24×7 security monitoring with expert-led triage prioritization, and investigation
  • Unmatched insight into adversary behavior from industry-leading EDR & XDR telemetry paired with Mandiant threat intelligence
  • Advanced, automated hunting for new
    and emerging threats
  • Rapid response & remediation, including remote containment that can scale to thousands of endpoints at once with Singularity RemoteOps

World-Class Incident Response (IR)

Equipped with SentinelOne’s leading XDR technology, Mandiant’s incident responders are prepared to respond to any security event:

  • Rapid deployment of SentinelOne technology across your complete enterprise in just hours to identify compromise and contain faster
  • Unique insights and unmatched depth-of-knowledge of existing and emerging threat actors, including changing tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Robust tooling for fast, comprehensive forensic collection and investigation
  • Accelerated remediation and recovery to get back to business-as-usual with minimal disruption