SentinelLabs Quarterly Threat Intelligence Webinar

Our team of research experts at SentinelLabs has conducted a thorough analysis of the past quarter's threats in the cybersecurity landscape, and they’re ready to share their findings and insights with the security community.

Take advantage of this opportunity to stay updated on the latest cybersecurity threat intelligence, and ensure that your organization stays protected from novel malicious actors.

During This Webinar

Join our threat research team for the SentinelLabs Quarterly Threat Intelligence Webinar


The most current and emerging cyber threats facing the world

Best Practices

Best practices for defending against these emerging threats


Real-world examples of the impact of these threats on organizations

Tips & Techniques

Tips and techniques for improving your overall cybersecurity posture

Meet Our Speakers

Sentinellabs Jags
Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade


Sentinellabs Tom Hegel
Tom Hegel

Senior Threat Researcher – APT / Cybercrime

Sentinellabs Phil Stokes
Phil Stokes

Senior Researcher – MacOS

Sentinellabs Jim Walter
Jim Walter

Senior Threat Researcher – Cybercrime

Sentinellabs Aleksandar
Aleksandar Milenkoski

Senior Threat Researcher – APT / Cybercrime

Alex Delamotte

Senior Threat Researcher – Cloud, Linux, APT

Sentinellabs Migo
Migo Kedem

VP Growth – Head of SentinelLabs

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