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Investing in the next generation of category-defining
security and data companies.

“We went through a journey from startup to hypergrowth, and built an incredible platform that delivers real value for our customers & partners. We’re now using our experiences to help startups build their own journeys.“

Tomer Weingarten, Co-founder & CEO of SentinelOne

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Torq’s no-code approach to automation facilitates and accelerates more complex threat response workflows, playing an essential role in making XDR a reality—that’s why we invested.

“The investment and partnership of S Ventures accelerates our mission to deliver powerful no-code security automation in the hands of every security professional, helping them better meet the challenges faced every day.”

Ofer Smadari, Co-Founder & CEO of Torq

S Ventures Spotlight


Laminar is the first and only platform that provides full data observability across your entire public cloud. Data protection teams can reduce the attack surface, detect real-time data leaks and get back in control of their data.

“In today’s cloud-first world, the availability and security of enterprises’ public cloud data is paramount. The investment from S Ventures is helping Laminar empower our customers with a more proactive, reliable approach to cloud data security.”

Amit Shaked, CEO of Laminar

S Ventures Spotlight


Armorblox is changing the way over 58,000 organizations do email security. Powered by Natural Language Understanding, the Armorblox platform understands the context of communications to protect people and data from compromise.

“With the investment from S Ventures, and our integration with the Singularity XDR platform, detailed threat intelligence about email based attacks and data exfiltration attempts that Armorblox stopped can now be used to automate further investigation and response.”

DJ Sampath, Co-Founder & CEO of Armorblox

S Ventures Spotlight

Noetic Cyber

Noetic Cyber empowers security teams with proactive, continuous assessment and improvement of their security posture. Noetic’s commitment to accomplishing this with fewer tools, better context, and less manual intervention is why we invested.

“With the investment from S Ventures and our innovative partnership with SentinelOne, we are empowering security teams with critical insights and asset intelligence to help them better manage their attack surface and reduce cyber risk."

Paul Ayers, CEO & Co-founder of Noetic Cyber

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did SentinelOne launch an investment fund?

We’re a hypergrowth company with innovation in our DNA. We’re not your typical corporate VC—we were a startup not so long ago. We move fast and we want to partner with the best to create mutual customer and industry impact that is beyond our own internal growth efforts.

Does S Ventures lead financing rounds?

No, we typically do not lead rounds. We partner with leading venture capital funds, and co-invest or participate alongside them.

What will be an ordinary check size for an investment from S Ventures?

Typical investment size is $1 – $5 million.

What stages of companies does S Ventures invest in?

S Ventures invests across all stages of the startup lifecycle.

What support, in addition to capital, does S Ventures provide to portfolio companies?

We leverage our technology ecosystem, expertise, market presence, and access to forward thinking customers to provide valuable help.

How can I contact S Ventures?

Please email [email protected] with your company information or opportunity.