Vigilance Service Addendum

SentinelOne Vigilance Service Addendum

This Vigilance Service Addendum (“Addendum”) describes the Vigilance Service (as described below) provided by Sentinel Labs Inc. (“SentinelOne”) to the customer (“Customer”) who subscribed to the SentinelOne Solutions (“Solutions”) under the SentinelOne Terms of Service (“Terms,” available on the SentinelOne website, or another version of the Terms agreed to in writing among the Customer and SentinelOne and during the timeframe for such Vigilance Service subscription stated in a Quote or a valid Purchase Order (“Vigilance Subscription Term”). Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Addendum shall have the meaning assigned to such terms in the Terms, and in case of a conflict among terms defined in the Addendum and terms defined in the Terms, the terms in the Terms shall prevail.

The Vigilance Service provides a turnkey threat monitoring (“Active Monitoring”) and response (“Active Response” and together with Active Monitoring, “Vigilance Service Tiers”) to augment Customer’s use of the Solutions and enhance Solutions operations, including 24/7/365 monitoring Customer’s Solutions console, as well as detection, prioritization and response (where Customer purchases the Active Response service package), as more fully described in the Vigilance Service Documentation (“Documentation,” found here: (collectively, “Vigilance Service”). The Vigilance Service is provided by highly-trained SentinelOne analysts highly experienced in operating the Solutions, who optimize the Solutions capabilities to maximize threat detection, prioritization and response. The Active Response service also includes active real-time threat response, forensics, remediation, hunting and additional features.

The Vigilance Service is provided by dedicated SentinelOne analysts utilizing SentinelOne’s management console and responding in real time to identified threats. The analysts respond to all identified threats on an ongoing basis based on severity classification by the Solutions, and make a commercially reasonable effort to handle all threats rapidly and effectively. All analysts’ activities are recorded within the management console and can be reviewed by Customer. Response time to monitored activities shall be maintained at the levels described in the Documentation or better.

Customer authorizes SentinelOne to access Your Data (as defined in the Terms) and perform analysis with respect to Your Data solely for providing the Vigilance Services, by accessing and utilizing Customer’s instance of the Solution management console. Customer acknowledges and agrees that SentinelOne may access directly to Customer’s instance of the Solution management console, and consents to such activity in connection with providing the Vigilance Service.

SentinelOne warrants the provision of professional, timely and ongoing Vigilance Service in accordance with this Addendum and the Documentation, however SentinelOne does not warrant or guarantee identification of every existing threat, immediate or any resolution of every identified threat, error-free threat classification, correct incident prioritization, or satisfactory threat response or threat hunting. In subscribing to the Vigilance Service, Customer acknowledges that the foregoing disclaimers with respect to SentinelOne’s provision of the Vigilance Service. Without limiting the foregoing, SentinelOne provides the Vigilance Service as an “as is” service without any warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, non-infringement, or those arising by law, statute, usage of trade, or course of dealing, and SentinelOne’s liability and liability limitations in connection with the Vigilance Service shall be in accordance with its obligations under the Terms.

The Active Response service tier described in the Documentation includes various threat response activities (such as remediation and rollback) and hunting (such as active review and assessment of threats), however the Vigilance Service does not include incident response services such as endpoint cleanup or post mortem.

If Customer receives any portion of the Vigilance Service for evaluation purposes free of charge (in each case, under a valid Purchase Order or Quote, “Vigilance Evaluation”), Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that such Vigilance Evaluation shall be limited to the timeframe stated in such Purchase Order or Quote, and that SentinelOne’s liability and liability limitations for any Vigilance Evaluation shall be in accordance with SentinelOne’s liability and liability limitations with respect to use of the Solutions for Evaluation as described in the Terms.