These SentinelOne Support Terms (the “Support Terms”) detail the customer support provided by SentinelOne, Inc. (“SentinelOne”) with respect to the SentinelOne solutions (“Solutions”) subscribed to by the SentinelOne customer (“Customer”) under the SentinelOne Terms of Service (“Terms,” available at, or another version of the Terms agreed to in writing among such Customer and SentinelOne) (“Support Services” as further detailed below below). Support Services are expressly conditioned on Customer abiding by terms of the Terms, and the Terms are hereby incorporated by reference to these Support Terms. Support Services provided to Customer are coterminous with the Subscription Term stated in a valid Order Form (each capitalized term, as defined in the Terms). Support Services are not cancellable during a given Solutions Subscription Term.

Capitalized terms not defined but used herein have the meaning assigned to such terms in the Terms. In the event of any conflict between these Support Terms and the Terms, the terms of the Terms shall control unless clearly stated otherwise in a version of these Support Terms executed by SentinelOne.

In the event Customer has purchased the Solutions and Support Services from SentinelOne through a SentinelOne authorized partner ("Partner"), Customer will be entitled to all the rights set forth herein as related to the Support Services purchased by Customer if Customer: (a) is the original purchaser of the covered Solutions, and (b) provided with its purchase subscription to the Solutions true, accurate, current and complete information to SentinelOne or the Partner, and has maintains and updates such information to keep it true, accurate, current, and complete during Customer’s Subscription Term, subject to the relevant Partner providing certain support services to Customer under a separate agreement among Partner and Customer.


Action Plan” means a formal verbal or written description of the tasks to be undertaken by SentinelOne and Customer to diagnose, triage, and address a support issue, along with an approximate timeframe for the processing and completion of tasks.

“Initial Support Request” means support request submitted by designated Customer representative support contact or their designated Partner to report a suspected Malfunction.

“Interoperability” means a Malfunction caused by an interoperation of the Solutions with a software component at Customer's environment.

Maintenance Window” means Sunday between 10AM UTC +3 and 6PM UTC +3.

Malfunction” means any error or other condition that prevents the Solutions from performing substantially in accordance with the operating specifications in the then current Documentation, but excluding Interoperability caused by a Malfunction Exception.

Malfunction Exception” means Solutions component Malfunction caused by, related to or arising out of any abuse, misuse or unauthorized use of the Solutions by Customer, or any unauthorized combination of the Solutions with any software or hardware components, or other item not reasonably expected to be combined with and/or interoperate with the Solutions or a interoperability beyond SentinelOne’s reasonable control.

Resolution” means a solution that renders the Solutions substantially in conformity with the Documentation.

Response” means SentinelOne’s personnel response via outbound e-mail, web or phone consultation (based on the Support Plan purchased) to a designated Customer support contact, acknowledging receipt of an Initial Support request.

Response Time” means the elapsed time between the Initial Support Request and the target time for a Response during Support Hours.

“Support Plan(s)” means the different support tiers, Professional Support and Enterprise Support, offered by SentinelOne to customers, as further detailed in these Support Terms and related Documentation, and as stated in each case in a relevant Quote or Purchase Order.

“Support Hours” means 9X5 (business hours) during weekdays for Professional Support and 24X7 for Enterprise Support, in each case 365 days per year.

“Version” means generally available (GA) release of a SentinelOne Software designated by the number which is immediately to the left or right of the left-most decimal point in a SentinelOne Software version number, as follows: (x).x.x or x.(x).x.

Workaround” means a temporary solution or a configuration that renders the Solutions reasonably functional for their intended purpose until a Resolution is available, subject to any remaining Interoperability issues.


SentinelOne provides Support Services for: (a) its most current Version of the Solutions (including all Workaround thereof), and (b) the immediately preceding Version of the Solutions. Provided Customer is in compliance with all of the terms of these Support Terms and the Terms, and has paid all applicable Support Fees, SentinelOne will provide to Customer the Support Services set forth herein. In addition, SentinelOne will provide, upon Customer’s request, reports on the status of the Support Services requested by Customer.

Support Services consist of: (A) reasonable web and e-mail support for Professional Support Plan or email, web and phone support for Enterprise Support Plan as detailed (all Support Services provided in English), and (B) reasonable efforts to provide Workaround and Resolution . Support Services do not include: (i) support with respect to hardware on which the Solutions or any portion thereof may be installed, (ii) support with respect to Malfunction Exception, or (iii) any monitoring and/or incident response services. SentinelOne has no obligation to develop any particular Workarounds, and products/solutions marketed by SentinelOne as separate products, or as upgrades for which additional fee is generally charged, are not considered a Workaround.

Support Services Process

Customer Responsibilities: Before contacting SentinelOne with an Initial Support Request, Customer undertakes to: (a) analyze the Malfunction to determine if it is the result of Customer’s misuse, the performance of a third party or some other Malfunction Exception or cause beyond SentinelOne’s reasonable control, (b) ascertain that the Malfunction can be replicated, and (c) collect and provide to SentinelOne all relevant information relating to the Malfunction. For any Priority 1 Urgent support issues, Customer must submit an Initial Support Request via phone.

SentinelOne Response: Upon receiving Customer’s Initial Support Request, SentinelOne’s qualified personnel will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a Response within the Response Time detailed in the Priority levels and communication channels detailed in the table below. For priority 1 issues, Response Time will be measured from Customer’s phone call. Following initial Response, SentinelOne support representative will explore the nature of the Malfunction experienced by Customer and its effect on the Solutions, and reasonably assign a priority level to the Malfunction in accordance with definitions in the table below. A Response Time is a guarantee of communication timeframes, and SentinelOne does not guarantee a Workaroundor Resolution within these timeframes. SentinelOne will make commercial reasonable efforts to reach an Action Plan within a reasonable time after the Response.

Support Services Workflow: SentinelOne will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Customer with: (A) a Workaround within a reasonable time after an Action Plan has been established and (B)a Resolution within a reasonable time thereafter, also considering SentinelOne’s release schedule and severity of Malfunctions.

In providing Support Services, SentinelOne support personnel may interact with the Customer’s Solutions instance, review application data within such instance and otherwise exchange relevant information with Customer as needed to provide such Support Services.

Remedies: The remedies set forth herein are Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any Malfunction. SentinelOne has no obligation to provide Support Services, Workaround or Resolution with respect to any Malfunction Exception.

Customer Responsibilities: Before contacting SentinelOne with a suspected Malfunction, Customer make a commercially reasonable effort to: (a) analyze the Malfunction in an effort to determine if it is the result of an Interoperability or a Malfunction Exception, the performance of a third party or some other cause beyond SentinelOne’s reasonable control, (b) ascertain that the Malfunction can be replicated, and (c) collect and provide to SentinelOne all relevant information relating to the Malfunction.

Priority Levels and Response Times



95% of the time during each calendar month))
RESPONSE TIME Professional
95% of the time during each calendar month)
1– Urgent Customer reports a Malfunction that (a) renders the Solutions inoperative or intermittently operative, (b) causes any material Solutions feature to be unavailable or substantially impaired, (c) materially compromises overall system operability or data integrity when the Solutions are installed and operational in a production environment (that is, causes a multiple systems crash or hang, or loss or corruption of data), or (d) causes a complete failure of the Solutions. 2 hours

(Web/E-mail followed by a Phone call)

4 hours

(Web/E-mail followed by a Phone call)

2 – High Customer reports a Malfunction that (a) renders a required program or feature of the Solutions inoperative or intermittently operative or (b) substantially degrades performance in a production environment. 6 hours


12 hours


3-Normal Customer reports a Malfunction that (a) renders an optional program of feature inoperative or intermittently operative or (b) causes only a minor impact on Customer’s use of the Solutions. 12 hours


24 hours


4 –Low Customer reports a Malfunction (a) that has only a minor effect on the Solutions functionality, (b) cosmetic flaws or (c) inquiries and questions about configuration and management of the Solutions. 48 hours


72 hours