This SentinelOne Services Addendum (“Services Addendum”) is made and entered into as of the date indicated in a Purchase Order (the “Effective Date”) for the subscription to the applicable SentinelOne Services (as defined below) by the customer that purchased the SentinelOne Services (“Customer”). SentinelOne, Inc. (“SentinelOne”) and Customer may sometimes be referred to herein as a “Party” and together the “Parties.” The Parties entered into the SentinelOne Master Subscription Agreement available at, or such other written agreement as executed between the Parties, for Customer’s subscription to the Singularity Platform (in each case, the “MSA”).

This SentinelOne Services Addendum is incorporated by reference into the MSA. Capitalized terms not defined in this SentinelOne Services Addendum shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the MSA. In the event of any conflict between this SentinelOne Services Addendum and the MSA, the terms of the Services Addendum shall control, prevail, and govern in all respects.

The Parties hereby agree as follows:


1.1. By Subscription Only. SentinelOne Services are only applicable and available to the extent Customer purchases and subscribes to: (a) the Singularity Platform; and (b) one or more of the SentinelOne Services under a Purchase Order. “SentinelOne Services” means services other than support services provided by SentinelOne which are subject to SentinelOne’s Support Terms.

1.2. File Fetch Permission. For SentinelOne Services where SentinelOne will use the “File Fetch” feature, which include without limitation Vigilance and WatchTower Pro Services, Customer expressly authorizes SentinelOne to perform remote analyses of Customer Data and to use the “File Fetch” feature (as defined in the Documentation), which downloads full files (that may contain Customer Confidential information or Personal Data) from Customer Endpoints to the SentinelOne management console, as necessary for providing the SentinelOne Services. Customer acknowledges and agrees that SentinelOne may be required to connect its computers and other equipment directly to Customer’s computer network, equipment, systems, hardware, and software, and Customer hereby consents to such activities in connection with SentinelOne providing the SentinelOne Services.

1.3. Incident Response Services. Any incident response services provided by SentinelOne to Customer are also subject to the terms of the SentinelOne Incident Response Retainer Addendum available at


2.1. Term. The term(s) of the applicable SentinelOne Services shall be as stated in the Purchase Order. The SentinelOne Services do not automatically renew, and Customer must contact SentinelOne or the applicable Partner to renew the applicable SentinelOne Services before the Subscription Term for the applicable SentinelOne Service expires. SentinelOne Services will be provided as further described in the Documentation. This SentinelOne Services Addendum, including all access and subscriptions to the applicable SentinelOne Services, shall automatically terminate upon expiration or termination of the MSA for any reason.

2.2. Warranty and Remedy.

2.2.1. General Warranty. Subject to warranty disclaimers in the MSA and this Services Addendum, SentinelOne warrants that the applicable SentinelOne Services purchased by Customer will be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner in accordance with this SentinelOne Services Addendum and the applicable Documentation.

2.2.2. Warranty Disclaimer. In addition to the warranty disclaimers in the MSA, SentinelOne does not warrant or guarantee that any advice provided by SentinelOne under the SentinelOne Services, which include without limitation any WatchTower services or Incident Response services, or SentinelOne’s recommendations and plans made by Customer as a result of the SentinelOne Services, will result in the identification, detection, containment, eradication of, a desired outcome, or recovery from all of Customer’s system threats, vulnerabilities, malware, malicious software, or other malicious threats. Customer agrees not to represent to any person or entity that SentinelOne has provided such a guarantee or warranty.

2.2.3. Cure. If SentinelOne breaches this SentinelOne Services Addendum and does not remedy such breach within thirty (30) days after receiving notice from Customer of such breach, then Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy is to terminate the applicable SentinelOne Services and to receive any pro-rated prepaid and unused fees for the reminder of the applicable SentinelOne Services term for such SentinelOne Services.