This SentinelOne Admin Tools Addendum (“Addendum”) to the MSA (“MSA”) made between SentinelOne, Inc. (“SentinelOne”) and the entity that accepts this Addendum (“Company”) which governs specific features of the Solutions provided under the MSA. MSA may be the governing agreement between SentinelOne and a Partner or Customer. Capitalized terms will have the meaning assigned to them, where defined in this Addendum, otherwise, will have the same meaning assigned to them in the MSA. Where this Addendum and the MSA conflict, this Addendum shall control. USE OF ADMIN TOOLS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. IF COMPANY DOES NOT AGREE TO TERMS OF THIS ADDENDUM, THEN DO NOT USE THE ADMIN TOOLS.


a. LICENSE. This Addendum gives the Company the limited, revocable right to use Admin Tools, and any related Enhancements as listed in Exhibit A and/or as stated in a relevant quote or Purchase Order so long as the use is in strict compliance with this Addendum and Company remains in good standing, and with an active MSA with SentinelOne. SentinelOne reserves the right to suspend or terminate this Addendum if it believes or there are allegations Company’s use of Admin Tools will cause it or a third-party harm. Use of Admin Tools must be done only as permitted within this Addendum and Documentation.

b. RESTRICTIONS. In addition to any restrictions within the MSA, Company shall not use Admin Tools to: (i) perform services, access computers or devices using Admin Tools on behalf of third parties without express specific consent, (ii) upload, store or analyze Sensitive Data within Solutions.

2. INDEMNIFICATION. Company shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless SentinelOne, its affiliates and licensors, and each of their respective employees, officers, directors, and representatives from and against any third party claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, expenses, and reasonable attorneys’ fees arising out of or relating to any third-party claim concerning: (i) Company and its employees, agents, affiliates, subcontractor or other personnel’s use of the Admin Tools, (ii) any dispute between Company and third-party where the Admin Tool is being used by Company to perform services for a third-party or being administered by a third-party on Company’s behalf (iii) breach of any Restrictions or (iv) any data obtained through the use of Admin Tools.

3. COMPANY RESPONSIBILITIES, REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES. The Admin Tools are not required for use of Solutions and should only be used with caution and by personnel with relevant industry expertise in using similar tools (including without limitation relevant IT, Cyber Security or Legal certification, education or experience based on the use case of the Admin Tools). Use of Admin Tools may retrieve “Sensitive Data” which may include, without limitation, payment card industry data, personal information, protected health information, financial data, trade secret, login information and other data that may have contractual or restrictions imposed by applicable laws and regulations. Company acknowledges that it shall take sole responsibility for any data retrieved using Admin Tools. Company acknowledges that Admin Tools are powerful, highly customizable and can irreparably damage software and hardware and takes sole responsibility for any harm associated with its use of Admin Tools.

Company represents and warrants that it will exercise the requisite expertise (as described above), security measures and due diligence in using Admin Tools and any data it processes or transfers using Admin Tools shall be done in accordance with applicable laws or contractual obligations, including without limitation, privacy, data transfer, data export, consent, and contractual obligations and that it has sufficient rights in any data it processes or transfer using Admin Tools. SentinelOne reserves the right to remove any data obtained, transferred, or processed by Admin Tools (“Admin Tool Data”) from its Solutions to comply with any data retention laws. Otherwise, the Company instructs SentinelOne to delete any Admin Tool Data within 7 days.

Notwithstanding any other agreement between Company and SentinelOne, including MSA, breach of the covenants herein by Company or claims made pursuant to the indemnification provisions herein shall have no limitations on liability.

4. DISCLAIMER. Except where Admin Tools violate a warranty within the MSA, SentinelOne shall have no liability for deletion or corruption of data, loss of access, permanent or temporary downtime on affected systems, any portion of loss from third party claims of infringement or any other loss or liability, arising out of Company’s use of Admin Tools.


  • Remote Script Orchestration (RSO)
    • It is highly recommended that RSO be run fully encrypted. Company may run RSO unencrypted as long as it accepts full responsibility for the security and retention of any unencrypted data.