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WatchTower Vital Signs Report (VSR) - FAQ

What is the WatchTower Vital Signs Report? Navigation Arrow Down Light

The WatchTower Vital Signs Report (VSR) is an assessment profile of an organization’s cybersecurity posture. The VSR is based on a collection of internal signals mapped to the Center for Internet Security’s (CIS), Critical Security Controls, CIS18 framework. The report is available to all SentinelOne clients at no charge and displays  the strength of a client’s digital environment in areas important to the cyber insurance underwriting process. The graphic below shows the major categories included.


How do you access this report? Navigation Arrow Down Light

SentinelOne clients can access the VSR report by going to the Singularity Marketplace page and selecting the Cyber Insurance menu item. Next, you would select your insurer’s name and complete the click-through agreement. Once you select this you are giving SentinelOne your consent to share your data with that insurer. This enables the insurer to pull data from your SentinelOne agents to populate  the report. Clients can then review the report with their insurer.

What happens after the SentinelOne client clicks through the EULA? Navigation Arrow Down Light

  • Once Customer enables the VSR, then it will collect data signals from the customer’s S1 console and populate the data into the insurer’s separate  Dataset instance.
  • Upon activation of the VSR, the user will receive an email to activate their account within DataSet (activation email is good for 24 hours).
  • The client can then log into the insurer’s DataSet instance to view the data collected from their console within the Watchtower Vital Signs Report and review the data signals with Insurer.

How can the VSR help your organization with Risk Transfer? Navigation Arrow Down Light

  • VSR provides a clearer and more efficient mechanism for Security Teams to communicate information and controls to their insurer.
  • The report reduces overhead and time spent in renewing your policy by streamlining and securely automating the data transmission.
  • VSR reduces the need for traditional point-in-time, questionnaire-based assessments or attestations for each policy renewal.

How can you leverage the VSR with your insurer? Navigation Arrow Down Light

  • Gain access to Insurer’s expertise on risk of loss indicators (e.g., known vulnerabilities, common attack vectors, etc.) based on 20+ years of actual loss (claims) information.
  • Prioritize remediation activities based on specific findings in the report and enhance your organization’s security posture.
  • Configure the SentinelOne Singularity Platform based on the VSR and best practices.

What benefits may accrue from participating in the VSR Program? Navigation Arrow Down Light

  • Establish more informed negotiating power with cyber insurance marketplace & possible premium savings through increased transparency and information sharing about your environment’s security.
  • Take advantage of Insurer’s MFA Retention Reduction Endorsement by ensuring best practice configurations via SentinelOne.
  • Benefit from increased security posture by following VSR guidance and recommendations from your insurer.

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