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The First AV-TEST Certified Enterprise Anti-Virus Replacement and Next Generation Endpoint Protection Platform IS HERE

AV-TEST, a leading independent anti-virus research institute, has awarded SentinelOne EPP the Approved Corporate Endpoint Protection certification. The certification validates SentinelOne EPP for its effectiveness in detecting both advanced malware and blocking known threats. SentinelOne EPP is the first and only AV-TEST certified next generation endpoint security solution that combines prevention, detection, mitigation, remediation, and Read more


Reversing Prince Harming’s kiss of death

The suspend/resume vulnerability disclosed a few weeks ago (named Prince Harming by Katie Moussouris) turned out to be a zero day. While (I believe) its real world impact is small, it is nonetheless a critical vulnerability. It must be noticed that firmware issues are not Apple exclusive. For example, Gigabyte ships their UEFI with the Read more


What is Next Generation Endpoint Protection?

By now you have probably heard the term “Next Generation Endpoint Protection. A slew of companies, startups and incumbents alike use the term to describe some of their offerings. But what does it actually mean? What are the capabilities you should look for in a Next Generation Endpoint Protection Platform? What makes it “next generation”? Read more

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Turning the Tables on “Rombertik” Reveals the Story Behind the Threat

A malware variant named “Rombertik” recently made headlines for its ability to wipe the Master Boot Record (MBR) of a machine if it detected the presence of analysis or debugging functions. For example, Rombertik can detect system strings that contain “malwar,” “sampl,” “viru,” and “sandb,” – all commonly used strings by malware researchers and online Read more


Understanding “Kjw0rm” Malware – We Dive in to the TV5 Cyber Attack

Pro-Islamic state hackers conducted an attack against “TV5Monde” TV station in France, news sources report that the Islamic hacktivist were apparently unhappy about the TV station that covered the recent events in Paris.   TV5Monde’s “defaced” twitter account. Sources report that the attack chain was a social engineering phishing via social networks that was followed by exploitation of Read more