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The 7 ‘Most Common’ RATS In Use Today

Sniffing out RATS — remote access Trojans — is a challenge for even the most hardened cyber defender. Here’s a guide to help you in the hunt. Earlier this month, the Office of Personnel Management reported that 21.5 million Americans had their social security numbers and other sensitive data stolen in the second breach to Read more


CryptoWall – Capturing The Threat

Background Cryptowall is an aggressive form of malware designed to infect a computer and steal its data. Once Cryptowall infects a computer, attackers steal the data and lock it behind an encryption wall. To unlock the data, victims are forced to pay a ransom fee. Various forms of Cryptowall exist; in this blog post we Read more


Get Ready for Complete AV Replacement

They said it couldn’t be done. When we started SentinelOne people told us we were crazy… Targeting the antivirus vendors? Developing a completely new technology to replace existing antivirus suites? Disrupting a space that hadn’t experienced any significant innovation in 20 years? That definitely sounds crazy. But we’ve done it and now it’s official. We’ve Read more


The First AV-TEST Certified Enterprise Anti-Virus Replacement and Next Generation Endpoint Protection Platform IS HERE

AV-TEST, a leading independent anti-virus research institute, has awarded SentinelOne EPP the Approved Corporate Endpoint Protection certification. The certification validates SentinelOne EPP for its effectiveness in detecting both advanced malware and blocking known threats. SentinelOne EPP is the first and only AV-TEST certified next generation endpoint security solution that combines prevention, detection, mitigation, remediation, and Read more


Reversing Prince Harming’s kiss of death

The suspend/resume vulnerability disclosed a few weeks ago (named Prince Harming by Katie Moussouris) turned out to be a zero day. While (I believe) its real world impact is small, it is nonetheless a critical vulnerability. It must be noticed that firmware issues are not Apple exclusive. For example, Gigabyte ships their UEFI with the Read more